Most Popular Tourist Spots in Luzon Island [with photos]

Tourist Attractions In Luzon: Most Popular Places to Visit For First-Time Travelers

Mayon Volcano Philippines

Best Tourist Attractions in Luzon

Manila, Philippines – The largest of the three major islands in the Philippines, Luzon Island has some of the most fantastic tourist attractions in the archipelago. Luzon is where Manila can be found, the capital city of the Philippines, and is part of the 17th largest island in the World spanning over 104,688 square kilometers.

Gota Beach in Caramoan Peninsula - Tourist Spots in Luzon
Gota Beach in Caramoan Peninsula – Tourist Spots in Luzon

The Sandy beaches, lakes, volcanoes, and northern mountains make Luzon Island a wonderful gift from nature to humans. The following are the most popular tourist spots on the island of Luzon:

Beautiful Mayon Volcano
Beautiful Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano

Mount Mayon is also known as the World’s most perfect cone. Though it is an active volcano, it is a spectacular sight to see, and thousands of tourists are visiting Bicolandia just to see this volcano. The volcanic activity is regularly monitored by the local authority.

Caramoan Island photo via
Caramoan Island photo via

Caramoan Peninsula

The rocky terrains and the deep gorges make this hilly peninsula in Bicol unique. The National Park with caves, sandy beaches, and limestone formations is one other major attraction of this spot. It’s also easy to reach via public transportation from Caramoan town.

Puerto Princesa Underground River
Puerto Princesa Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River

The spectacular landscape and the Puerto Princesa underground river are what make Puerto Princesa famous. Recently listed in the World’s New 7 Wonders of the World. The boat ride into the underground river is a totally rewarding experience.

Baguio City View
Baguio City View

Baguio City

The lush greenery, bright and clear skies, and cool climate in Baguio city are some of the many reasons why tourists love to visit the City of Pines. Baguio City is a perfect tourist spot if you need some peace and quiet from a hectic life. There are nice manmade tourist spots, good food, religious sites, and many interesting tourist attractions in Baguio. Check out our Baguio City Travel Guide.

Bangui Windmills
Bangui Windmills

Bangui Windmills

Located at Bangui, Ilocos Norte, the Bangui wind farm uses 20 wind turbines, each 70 meters high, and is lovely to watch.

Visit To Pagsanjan Falls
Visit Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls, Laguna

A fantastic ride in canoes to the exotic Pagsanjan Falls is something no one will ever forget. The rocky cliffs, the wild orchids, vines, and ferns are all but a little of what is there at Pagsanjan Falls. There will be a few smaller waterfalls on the way, and the journey will be most memorable for adventurers.

Rizal Monument
Rizal Monument

Luneta Park, Manila

Luneta Park, also known as Rizal Park (named after Dr.Jose Rizal – a national hero), is a picturesque urban park with historical significance. The Orchidarium, the grassy lawns, bronze statues, the National Park, and the Chinese & Japanese gardens are the main attractions in Rizal Park.

Taal Volcano from Taal Vista Hotel
Taal Volcano from Taal Vista Hotel

Taal Volcano

The smallest active volcano in the World and one of the most visited spots in the region, not to mention extremely beautiful, Taal Volcano with its scenic viewpoints, would make your jaws drop. You can easily reach Tagaytay by Bus in Baclaran, Pasay City. Check out our Tagaytay Travel Guide.

Rice Terraces in Banaue Ifugao - one of the best tourist spots in Luzon
Rice Terraces in Banaue Ifugao – One of the most popular tourist spots in Luzon

Banaue Rice Terraces

The 2000-year-old rice terraces in the mountains of Ifugao are a marvel, probably God’s masterpiece, and is considered the Eighth Wonder of the World. The people here are very friendly, and the hospitality is admirable. The various hiking trails in the area are definitely attractions for hikers. Check out our Banaue Travel Guide.

Travel Guide Hundred Islands in Alaminos Pangasinan
Travel Guide Hundred Islands in Alaminos Pangasinan

Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

Spanning about 250 km, the Hundred Islands in Alaminos Pangasinan is popular for the National Park, spanning over 1884 hectares. This is the best spot for camping, picnics, and island explorations.

A street in Vigan
A street in Vigan

Vigan Crisologo Street

Known for the unique architectural brilliance in the buildings and the cobblestone streets, Vigan in Ilocos Sur is a small but wonderful City. The empanada (bread with meat and longanisa fillings) and a long walk along the streets watching everything around are pretty refreshing.

View from Echo Valley
View from Echo Valley


A peaceful village in the Northern Mountains, Sagada is famous for its peace-loving and friendly people, fresh food, cold weather, not to mention lush foliage, and Waterfalls. Sagada is also famous for the hanging coffins located near the town center. Check out our Sagada Budget Travel Guide.

**Some Photos courtesy of the Philippine Department of Tourism.

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  1. edmaration says

    The Philippines is truly amazing that in spite of the small size of our country, we have BIG things to offer!

    1. melo says

      @edmaration : super agree!!

  2. lynnette says

    I’ve been to all places except Caramaon. I hope there’s a direct flight from Cebu. It’s such a long tiring trip.

    1. melo says

      @lynnette – you should visit Caramoan… it takes forever to reach the place but its really worth it:)

  3. keitch says

    im Proud of our country! madaming maipagmamalaki na tourist attractions that tourist can enjoy!

    1. melo says

      @Keitch – yup super proud din ako.. I wish everyone starts promoting their own destinations even trough Facebook… it will really help our country convince more tourist from other countries… thats what you call modern “Bayanihan”

  4. Gabriel James says

    Wow, everything looks great. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Philippines and would love to travel there myself someday. I’m looking forward to seeing these beautiful exotic places and experience first-hand Filipino hospitality.

  5. Haydee Fajardo Doron says

    " zambales your the best".

  6. Magel says

    The Mercedes tourism is one of the best tourist spot in Luzon .. You will feel the beauty of summer season in this place ..

  7. balani says

    all beautyful places in the philippines are awesome.its more fun in the philippines

  8. Lester Moore Lambac says

    Mount Mayon is amazing until today even though it showed some sign of eruption in the past weeks.

  9. Jules says

    Hindi po si Lapu Lapu yung nasa Rizal Park, si Rajah Sulayman po yun. 🙂

    1. Melo Villareal says

      The Statue of the Sentinel of Freedom or the Lapu Lapu Monument is a monument to Lapu-Lapu located at Rizal Park specifically at the center of the Agrifina Circle 🙂

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