Awesome Activities To Try Out In Your Visit To Pagsanjan Falls

Visit To Pagsanjan Falls

Activities To Try Out In Your Visit To Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls is one of the most popular attractions when thinking about Laguna. Some people thought that this waterfall is the highest in the country because of its popularity. However, in reality, there are six other waterfalls higher than Pagsanjan.

Shooting the Rapids in Pagsanjan
Shooting the Rapids in Pagsanjan

Pagsanjan Falls is known locally as Magdapio Falls and it is probably among the most visited day trip destinations in the Philippines. Although most people know it as “Pagsanjan,” it is located in Cavinti, an adjacent town next to Pagsanjan. The officials of Cavinti Municipal tried changing its name to “Cavinti Falls” in 2009. However, their proposal was rejected by the province’s local government.

Getting closer to the waterfalls
Getting closer to the waterfalls

Trivia: Pagsanjan Falls was the location for the last scene of the Hollywood film Apocalypse Now.

There are plenty of activities that you can do around the area. You can book a day-trip package from reputable tourist agencies to avoid haggling with boatmen and also to relieve yourself from stress.

Majestic Pagsanjan Falls copy
Majestic Pagsanjan Falls copy

Here are some of the remarkable activities that you can do in Pagsanjan:

Gastronomic Adventure

Pancit Pagsanjan
Pancit Pagsanjan

Filipinos are known for their love of food and eating. Of course, you cannot deny yourself some of the best delicacies in the province. Make sure to experience eating every food in the place. Explore every nook of the area to be able to get yourself a treat. Some people prefer taking food with them to save time. You can actually take out food from Binalot sa Dahon—a restaurant that serves native delicacies that are packed in banana leaves.

Stopover in the middle of the boat trip
Stopover in the middle of the trip

Go Boat Riding

Boat riding is definitely one of the best activities that you can do while in the town. There are a number of skilled and accredited boatmen in town. If you booked through a tourist agent, you would probably be offered boat ride packages featuring the scenery at Magdapio River before reaching Pagsanjan Falls. You will see a lot of trees, local wildlife, and natural rock formations during the ride.

Visit Devil’s Cave

Inside the Devils Cave
Inside the Devils Cave

You can also have a side trip to Devil’s Cave. This is a cave just behind the Pagsanjan Falls. You can ride a bamboo raft while touring inside the cave. There is not so much to do once inside the cave because it’s quite dark, but you are allowed to take a rest, swim, and eat snacks while inside.

Pueblo El Salvador Nature Park and Picnic Grove

If you are up to more physical activities than swimming, then Pueblo El Salvador Nature Park and Picnic Grove is the place to visit. It is an eco-adventure park located at the main gateway to Pagsanjan Falls. You will have to trek down the mountain to reach Pagsanjan Falls for at most an hour. However, after the rigorous trek, you are rewarded with the beautiful scenery of the Pagsanjan Waterfalls.

How to get to Pagsanjan Laguna

The province of Laguna is about two hours south of Manila via the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). To get to the town of Pagsanjan, take the Calamba exit and turn right at the Calamba junction. Pagsanjan comes after the town of Sta. Cruz.

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