Make an Exciting and Memorable Cruise Tour in Galapagos Islands

For those who love to cruise, Galapagos Cruises is probably one of the highly recommended cruise tours now. If in case you don’t know where Galapagos is, Galapagos Islands are a cluster of small volcanic islands in Ecuador. The water surrounding the Islands and all the Islands together forms the Galapagos Province. Spanish is the main language spoken in the islands. The province is popular for the Biological marine reserve and the National park. One other major attraction of the islands is the several species of animals that can be found nowhere else except the Galapagos Islands.

White Sand Beach in Galapagos
White Sand Beach in Galapagos

About Galapagos

13 major islands comprise the Galapagos Islands in addition to a few minor islands. Out of the 13, there are inhabitants in 5 islands. The Galapagos Islands are one of the most preferred destinations for nature lovers. A tour of the Galapagos Islands would be one of the most memorable and once in a life-time experience ever because of the remarkable beauty of the flora and the fauna in the Islands and the experience of watching animals that you have never seen before in your life,.

The ever pleasant weather, the cool breeze, the warm seas and blue skies in Galapagos Islands, are something one would regret for life if one misses it. The most popular species of animals in Galapagos Islands include giant Galapagos Tortoise, the Blue-footed Booby, seals and the beautiful Galapagos land iguana.

Cruising Expedition

For travelers who want to see and experience the beauty of most of the Islands in the Galapagos Province, the best option is a cruise. A certified naturalist guide is mandatory in all cruise ships. Several certified agencies offer cruises at obviously different prices, as they are to pay different fees at each ports they arrive. Cruises start from 2-days cruises to 15-days cruises. Most cruises give the following offers commonly:

• A visit to the Tortoise breeding program at the Charles Darwin Research Centre
• Get a classic and spectacular view of Galapagos by climbing the hill on Bartolome
• Visit to North Seymour or El Junco in San Cristobal to watch the red neck sacks of the beautiful Frigatebird
• Watch the colorful Galapagos penguins having fun in Floreana or Isabela
• Go snorkeling a few times in the cruise to play with sea lions and pacific sea turtles

The travelers are recommended to consult the tour operators to see if snorkeling and scuba diving equipments would be available.

Many organized cruises and tours also include hiking in the itinerary. Isabela and San Cristobal have good hiking locations, but the hiking is mostly preferred if the travelers are interested in exploring the vegetation and knowing facts about the flora in the Islands.

In addition to hiking, cruises and tours also offer opportunities for biking, surfing, horseback riding and kayaking. Kayaking lets the travelers navigate the water without using boats and have a fun time watching fishes and sea turtles, while enjoying the cool breeze and the beauty of the sea.

So basically, a cruise in Galapagos Islands would be one good expedition which would let you explore the exquisite beauty of the islands, the giant tortoises and the iguanas in action not to mention a hard time for your camera. The IslaGrill, the Il Giardino and the Galapagos Deli are the most popular and the best restaurants in the location. Booking rooms and making hotel reservations would be more wallet-friendly if online reservations are opted.

  1. Paul says

    I’ve always wanted to go to the Galapegos and am finally going this year for my honeymoon. Looks amazing! Thanks for the excellent advice…Mind if I ask when the best time to go is? Or do Galapegos Cruises only operate at certain times of year?

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