Proudly Pinoy: Kenneth Cobonpue Showroom in Cebu City

I’ll be visiting the Queen City of the South tomorrow, and while browsing my old photos of Cebu, I saw some photos I took during our visit to Kenneth Cobonpue’s showroom. If you are not yet familiar with the name Kenneth Cobonpue, he is a renowned and award-winning Industrial designer from the Philippines, and his works are currently being used by the world’s best hotels, restaurants, and resorts around the world.

cebu export quality furnitures
World Class Furnitures from Cebu

Kenneth Cobonpue is one of the best in the industrial design business, famous for his signature furniture designs in natural fibers. Using abaca, rattan, buri, and bamboo, Kenneth successfully came up with never-been-seen before designs for furniture, which eventually became the most demanded furniture brand in the world.

Kenneth Cobonpue's Showroom
Kenneth Cobonpue’s Showroom

The pure genius free flow designs of Cobonpue is something that can impress anyone, including  Hollywood celebrities Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. One quick glance at the furniture would definitely make you want to buy them and take them home.

best bed designs philippines
Gaby Ignacio sitting at Kenneth’s Ima Bed

Kenneth Cobonpue Showroom in Cebu City

Cebu is a beautiful tourist destination; the island gives travelers opportunities for an exotic tour of scenic spots in the islands and provides a wide mix of Arts and crafts.

cobonpue designed chairs
Dragnet Chair

During our visit to his showroom, we were able to see the brilliantly crafted furniture with admirable creative designs, a few of them even featured in Hollywood movies, and TV series shows like CSI Miami. All the products received positive feedback from visitors.

Kai O suspension lamps
Kai O Suspension Lamps

Kenneth Cobonpue Design Collection

The Kenneth Cobonpue showroom in Cebu city showcased furniture with everything-out-of-the-ordinary designs, of which the most liked are:

• Dragnet lounge chairs and red end tables, inspired by fisherman’s nest
• The Hagia bed with a beautiful Gothic-inspired design
• Brown Kabuki buffet cabinets, made of high-density fiberboard resembling bamboo stalks
• Freya round dining table accompanying Noodle armchairs
• Rigid but comfortable Chiquita stools in red, silver, and black
• The stunning Bloom chair, handmade of course
• The magnificent Yin and Yang dining tables
• Moss green Harry rocking stools, with interchangeable covers
• Handcrafted Tilt chairs, skillfully constructed with admirable precision
• Noodle armchairs in bronze, rose, lime green, aqua, and yellow colors
• Yoda barstools, sofas, and coffee tables made of rattan vines, a masterpiece
• Bathroom faucet and sink with a woven top
• Cloud light fixtures
• The Brangelina Lounge bed
• The Bloom chair, which won a Paris best couch design award in 2009
• Doodle-like flower vases, with a magnificent sophisticated design
• Pigalle barstools made from steel and abaca, in brown
• The Pet lounge resembling a Slipper, but a big one that your pets would love
• Croissant coffee table and sofa in brown
• The lime green, extremely comfortable Yoda easy chair
• Lolah Sofa, easy armchair, coffee table, and capsule in whitewash and brown
• Lamps resembling a bird’s nest
• Matilda outdoor chair
• Brown Ima bed inspired by the architecture of ancient Chinese temples… made of abaca ropes, by the way

There are many more worth mentioning, but this showroom is not something you can easily explain with words. After seeing everything with your own eyes, you would probably think the Kenneth Cobonpue showroom is an art gallery.

Cobonpue's Crokkis Vases
Cobonpue’s Crokkis Vases

The coolest fact is that although you might think these marvelous pieces of awesome art will have an unaffordable price tag, you’d be surprised at the truth. Some of his designs are priced like any other exported furniture, with reasonable price tags.

But there are some works which deserve a big price tag. Visiting Kenneth Cobonpue strictly requires an appointment, and the company is quite selective with clients. Ultimately, it’s up to them to let you in for a visit unless you are a VIP. If you are lucky, you may even get to take a peek at the production area.

Check out his website –

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