MV Logos Hope: New floating book store ship docks in Manila Port


Back in 2009, I was sad when MV Doulos announced that it will be their last visit as the ship will end its mission and it will be turned over to its new owner, a Singaporean firm named BizNaz Resources International Pte Ltd. Good thing a new floating bookstore continued the mission of bringing hope through its bigger ship called MV Logos Hope.

logos hope floating library
Floating Library in Cebu (photos courtesy of

After the transfer of ownership of MV Doulos, most of the volunteers and staff eventually transfered to a bigger floating library  which started sailing last February of 2009.

The M/V Logos Hope is operated by the non-profit German charitable Christian Organization GBA (Good Books for All) Ships, the floating book shop is the fourth ship in the Logos line up. The Logos Hope is twice bigger than its predecessors, about twice the size of the wrecked Logos II and better than other ships operated by the organization when it comes to providing comfort, convenience and a quality cruise to visitors, guests as well as the crew of the ship.

The most attractive offering of the MV Logos is the book fair, popular as the Floating Logos book fair, with a collection of more than 7,000 different titles. Many humanitarian activists and people interested in social service take part in the journey to sell books as well as perform charity activities. M/V Logos Hope docks in a port for approximately 2 weeks in each port. The ship goes from port to port carrying the book fair with it.

MV Logos Hope now in Manila

Last Thursday, the M/V Logos Hope reached Manila and docked at the South Harbor Pier 15 at the back of the historic Manila Hotel. To entertain visitors and guests and sell great books, Logos Hope announced that it will dock for 25 days at the Pier. Knowledge, Hope and Help is the aim of the vessel and wherever the ship goes, the needy and the destitute get sighs of happiness and hope.

Manila is reported to be the 61st port the ship has docked at. Having been a host to over 2.5 million people across 60 ports, the Logos Hope has earned respect in all the 39 countries it visited. Books in the MV Logos Fair include those from the following categories:

• Sports
• Arts
• Economics
• Science
• Cooking
• Hobbies
• Philosophy
• Medicine
• Languages
• Fiction
• General reference

There are supposedly more than 500,000 books falling into the categories mentioned above, as a whole. According to Gian Walser, the Managing Director of the floating library, the ship is more than an international traveling community.

The Book Fair

The Floating Book fair that the ship holds generates money for the poor and needy and the revenue from the Fair is used for building orphanages, providing computer training, for awareness and educational programmes for people with HIV, offering free health checkups and for donating to charity funds.

The commitment of the MV Logos Hope crew members is really admirable as they have worked hard for the poor and the needy. The ship provides education to 40 children as well. The M/V Logos Hope would be open from Tuesdays till Saturdays and visitors are permitted from 10 AM till 9:30 PM. The Worlds biggest floating library also works on Sundays from 1 PM to 9:30 PM and will be at Manila till March 13.

Children of age 12 or below don’t require an entry pass; if they are accompanied by adults and the entry pass for age 12 or more costs P20. There will also be various cultural events on the ship on February 24, 26, March 4 and March 10. Reportedly, M/V Logos Hope’s next stop will be in Subic after leaving Manila. After maintenance and repairs, the ship will be leaving for Indonesia from Subic.

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