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Here’s something you may not have thought about doing on Boracay. Riding an ATV and going hell bent for leather through the island with a short stop in Mount Luho – Boracay’s highest peak. If you want to do something that will make your pulse pound and your mind thrill with excitement, this is it. Whether you want to go for the entire day or just for a short ride, you can do either.

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Enjoying ATV in Boracay

This is a very cool way to see Boracay that most people never think to do. There are a lot of ways to see the sights on Boracay but for me, going to Mt. Luho on an ATV and then cruising around the narrow streets was by far the coolest that I’ve experienced (okay, maybe the skydiving was close…:))

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Ready Get Set… Go!!

Most of the ATV companies on Boracay give you the option of paying it on per hour or per day basis. You might think you would save if you book an ATV ride in your hotel as part of the tour packages, but in fact, that’s not true, the ATV company also offers a discount – you just have to ask them about it.

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Melo in Mount Luho

Despite the fact that it feels like you could die at any second on the ATVs, this is one of the safest thrill rides you can take. All of the companies put a special emphasis on safety and require that you wear the proper safety gear and go through a short training course with them.

Stopover in Mount Luho
Travel Writers in Mount Luho

After that though, it gets really cool. The last tour I took went to a few hot spots that no one should miss such as the Everland Aviary where you can see many exotic birds and wreckage from typhoons. We also did some ATV mountain climbing up to the Tanawin Viewpoint which looks out over Bulabag Beach. Great pictures from there.

The sights were great, but the real thrill was going full throttle between destinations. After all, it’s not just about the journey, its the scenery and the overall experience that makes my ATV ride memorable.

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