Helmet Diving in Boracay

I’ve always loved diving in Boracay, but I’ve got a new love now too. Helmet diving. Have you heard of this? It’s completely rad. Also called Reef Walking, this is a way to see the underwater world without having to worry about regulators, air supply, buoyancy, or anything else. No diving certification necessary.

Boracay Reef walking
Helmet Diving in Boracay

The reason it’s called alternatively Helmet Diving or Reef Walking should be apparent, but I’m going to give a brief explanation. Much like old time divers, you are wearing a helmet when you go under the water. As to the reef walking moniker, this one should be more obvious. Rather than swimming like you do when you scuba, instead you are actually walking around under the water- actually on the reef. So, reef walking. Makes sense, right?

boracay diving
Helmet Diving with Friends

More than that, it gives you an amazing perspective of the vast undersea world and the many wonders it holds. Like taking a walk through the rainforest, you are surrounded by abundant plant life, exotic species of all sorts, and more than a few things that look like they come straight from outer space.

best beach in the world
Worlds Best Beach

When you reef walk, the air tank stays in the boat and is connected to you by a long hose. You climb down a ladder and thanks to the perfectly weighted suit, you simply walk around, feed the fish, look at the amazing variety of life that never gets to look at our life on the surface (if they’re lucky anyway!) and just really enjoy yourself.

Feeding the fish is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I really had the sense I was feeding strange birds in a park as they flew (okay, swam) all around me. The difference is that you are standing upright and it really changes your perspective versus when you are diving or snorkeling.

  1. Luke Roxas says

    I’ve tried helmet diving, and it is really fun. I suggest you get a ticket to Boracay ASAP!! GODBLESS

  2. Jean Gonzales says

    I’ve tried helmet diving in Boracay and somehow I feel uneasy and cant breathe easy …. It’s because I’m out of oxygen in that helmet so … I nearly died in that time …… I didn’t know that I’m out of oxygen… When we see the video and the pictures I don’t have too many bubbles I mean oxygen .. the problem is the man who controls the oxygen .. So I HATE HELMET DIVING IN BORACAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because if I didn’t sign them that I’m feeling not okay .. Maybe I DIED in that activity.. so be careful…. i feel like I’m dying in that time …

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