Planning Your Road Trip: Do you have Car Insurance?

What are the benefits of car insurance?

Do you have Car Insurance

Why is car insurance so important?

Car insurance is one of those things that people sometimes forget about when they are planning a new trip. Usually, your current car insurance will cover anywhere you drive within your country of residence, but what if you aren’t going to be in your country? What if you aren’t going to be in your car? Car insurance isn’t just for your hometown or home country.

Best Car Insurance Policy
Best Car Insurance Policy

Do you really want to spend 90% of your budget fixing a rental car because the insurance doesn’t cover the engine blowing up or trying to explain to the police that you didn’t realize you were liable if the car was stolen? Have you tried renting a motorhome and had some problems along the way? Take an advance look at the motorhome insurance comparison site and blogs to make sure you got the best coverage.

Insurance is compulsory with most rentals, but you want to make sure you understand exactly what is covered and what is not. In addition, you may find that your credit card, your bank, or your existing auto insurance policy actually provides better coverage than the expensive policy being offered by the rental agency.

Why do we need travel insurance
Why do we need travel insurance

Even if you are renting a car, you want to make sure that the insurance coverage you have is going to be enough to cover any damages or incidentals whether you or another driver is at fault. A few other considerations are for theft, damage while parked, and also for mechanical failures.

There are a huge number of variations in auto insurance policies. Some of them actually end up costing you more money with the deductible than you would pay if you were to take the cash out of pocket. You have two choices:

  • Read the coverage very carefully or
  • Ask the right questions and make sure the agent shows you where the details are in the policy.
  • It should not be an option to just trust that everything will be alright.
Do you have Car Insurance
Do you have Car Insurance

If you are taking your own vehicle, make sure to call your car insurance agent and find out exactly what coverage and limitations exist before you head out on the road.

Auto insurance is definitely one of those things people forget to think about before they travel, but I suggest you move it one of the top priority positions.

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