Experience Zorbing in Boracay

Want to have a ball on Boracay? Okay…I should just stop right there…the joke is way too cheesy, but maybe I should explain what I’m talking about. Zorbing.

adventure in boracay
Melo inside the Zorb

Zor-what? Zorbing. This is when you literally get in a ball and roll down a hill. Lofl. I’m serious as a heart attack. Zorbing in Boracay means you get in a giant plastic ball and you roll down a hill in it and I’ve got to tell you now, it’s way more fun than it sounds when I write about it.

activities in boracay
Boracay Zorbing Experience

To get to the Zorb Park, just head towards the Bat Cave in Yapak and you will find it. It’s hard to miss a bunch of people rolling down hills in giant balls! The Zorb balls are about three meters across and they are pretty cheap, starting at about 300 pesos and going up to about 600 pesos depending on whether you want to ride solo, with friends, or with friends and water!

kids adventure boracay
Waterless Zorb in Boracay

Personally, I prefer the solo ride where they strap you in and you go end over end down the hill but if you want to slip and slide with friends inside a water filled ball as it rolls down the hill you can do that too. I figured if I was with a special someone, that might be fun and truly an unforgettable experience.

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Zorbing in Boracay

I should warn you though…once you ride the Zorb, you won’t be the same. It does something to a person. When I emerged from the giant ball it was like the world had changed around me. Suddenly I had beautiful women begging for my phone number, a chauffeur was waiting to take me back to my mansion, and then… well, then the dizziness wore off and I came back to reality.

Still, either way is a blast. It’s like nothing you’ve ever done unless you’ve rolled down a grassy hill in a giant ball before.

  1. Seair says

    cute blog! i have personally tried the zorb 2 years ago when i went to bora. i think they had just opened! going back to boracay in jan with a bumch of friends and this is definitely on our itinerary!

  2. Nikko says

    have seen it but have not tried this one out, have to try it so i can experience beautiful women begging for my number too. Haha Shoot sa bucket list! 🙂

  3. Charm Yap says

    It is really fun riding the zorb!
    I have experienced when I was on boracay, on Ride the Zorb and it was really fun rolling around that Giant Ball!!

  4. Private Resort Boracay says

    Another interesting activity again! I haven’t tried it so far but I know that if ever there a chance of, probably I might feel nervous but at the same time jubilant. Can’t wait for the moment to try it. I’m so excited! For now, all i can say is that Zorbing is tremendous!

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