Get Up Close with Mayon Volcano at Bicol ATV Adventures

Calling out adrenaline junkies out there!

Some Filipinos have this innate craving with exhilarating adventures and rides. Which is why, even tourists tend to look for the best activities they can find here in the Philippines – and that includes riding an ATV.

ATV which stands for All-Terrain-Vehicle is one of the must-try land activities in Legaspi, and one of the go-to tours to try these ATV is at Bicol Adventures ATV. International celebrity like Zac Efron and International  supermodel Sophie Summer are few of those who have experienced this thrilling ride.

Bicol Adventures ATV and Tours is located near Cagsawa Ruins. It is owned by Martin Calleja and been operating for 5 years now. They offer different tours from Quarry Site, View Deck, Cagsawa Trail, Black Lava, and Green Lava.

Before exploring the vast land and lush green sceneries, you need to undergo a minimum of 15-minute briefing before riding the ATV depending on your knowledge and experience. Their trained and experienced instructors will teach the do’s and dont’s, perform a demo to operate the ATV, and an overview on what to expect at the terrain you chose.

500 cc at Bicol ATV Adventures

Bicol Adventure ATV have an available units of 150cc, 500cc, and 625 side by side variants, auto drive, power and acceleration that can easily manage the river and rocky trail.

If this is your first time riding the quad bike, remember that safety will still depend on the rider. Always follow the trail guide and your instructor’s guide. It is also a must to wear your helmet, and always keep you distance from 1 to 3 meters each from the other vehicle. Most importantly, the management encourages the rider to focus on driving, and that reckless driving is prohibited.

­­­­And now your off-road adventure starts, you’ll get to experience a bumpy, rocky, and rough terrain. Worry not, because Bicol ATV Adventures made sure that they’ve created marks on each turns for safe and convenient ride.

The duration of your ride depends on the trail you choose. For our tour, we took the Cagsawa Trail. It took us 45 minutes to arrive in our destination, and voila! A majestic and breathtaking view of Mayon Volcano has welcomed us. Your very hospitable and kind instructor will be more than happy to take a picture of you and your friends. They will also be willing to tell a brief history and myth that surrounds the Mayon Volcano. A 180-degree view of the volcano will still depends on the weather – but anyway, show or no show – the experience is definitely worth it.

If you dare to go on more extreme trail, you can avail their Black Lava and Green Lava tour package.

We can’t wait to be back and try the rest of the ATV package. For more information or reservation, check out the details below:


Address: Barangay Busay Daraga, Albay
Email address: [email protected]
Contact Numbers: 09175714357/ 09192287064/ 09175459435/ 09175217331

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