Essential Apps When Studying Abroad

One of the most amazing things to experience as a student is studying abroad. Not only do you learn in foreign universities, but you also get to meet new friends and immerse yourself in different cultures. These are just some of the benefits of studying abroad, which will definitely make you a well-rounded individual.

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However, studying abroad can be daunting when you live away from your comfort zone. You will need all the tips while studying abroad that you could find. Aside from referring to useful pieces of advice, why not make your smartphone the best study abroad companion? Here are 10 essential apps that will make your life a whole lot easier while studying abroad.

Where To Go?

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One of the best tips while living abroad is familiarizing yourself with your new environment. After all, the host country will be like your second home. But how do you start when you are at a complete loss?

If you need help in finding points of interests — from the nearest grocery stores and notable landmarks to the most happening clubs — Where To Go? will take you there with detailed directions. With hundreds of location types all over the world, this app is perfect for navigating almost any place.

Can’t make up your mind or in the mood to explore places? Just shake your smartphone so the app can give you an array of suggestions. The Where To Go? app is free on the Apple iOS Apps and Google Play Store.


Everyone knows how communicating with family and friends can eat up a big share of your budget. Fortunately, messaging apps like Viber let you keep in touch with your loved ones via the Internet, especially when you start getting homesick. You can call, send chat messages and photos, record your voice and do video calls. A desktop version of it is also available so you can switch between your mobile devices and computer. Get the Viber app for free on Apple iOS Apps and Google Play Store.

BBC Weather

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What clothes should you wear? Can you do everything on your to-do list today? Or should you move things around? These are just some of the questions that the BBC Weather app can help you with.

Know the weather in any location no matter how unpredictable it may seem. With this app in your pocket, you’ll no longer have to deal with bad, unexpected weather. Download it for free on your iPhone or Android device.

Lonely Planet Travel Guides

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Need the expertise of a tourist guide with utmost convenience? Now you can have it in one nifty app that can save you from purchasing several country guides and audio travel materials. The Lonely Planet Travel Guides app features maps, GPS tracking, fun things to do, and many more tips in more than 80 cities. Moreover, you can use this free app even without an internet connection. This app is available for Apple and Google mobile devices.


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Learning a totally foreign language may often leave you fussing over new — and sometimes intimidating — words. With translation apps coming in handy, you’ll have your phone to turn to when you fumble around in conversations. The iTranslate app with a built-in dictionary can help you with more than 60 languages — and it’s for free!

Convert Any Unit

Should you find yourself struggling with different measurements like currency, temperature and distance, the Convert Any Unit app is one of the best apps while studying abroad. With a vast range of technical measurements that include frequencies and distances, this app is especially helpful if you are a science or an engineering major.

You can get it for free from the Apple App Store. You can also get the paid version for $2.99 if you want to have bookmarks and a calculator with the app.


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Living abroad can be hard on your finances, especially if you are living on a student budget. With this, take your budgeting skills up a notch with apps for the money-savvy pack. Moneywise will help you make the most of your money by tracking your everyday expenses and organizing them by date and category. Get it for free on Android.


For the budget-conscious who are using iPhone, the Mint app will make your day. Just add your bank accounts including savings, loans, and credits and the app will categorize the information for you. You will also be notified of due dates so you won’t have to accrue late fees again. Like the Moneywise app earlier, you can also get Mint for free.

iTunes U

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Love learning anywhere you go using your mobile devices? Then you will love this Apple App Store offering, which gives you free access to online university courses. Explore a vast variety of subjects and peruse learning materials such as electronic books, audio books, documents, and many more. Moreover, be organized with the app’s note-taking and highlighting features.


Finding a dormitory while you’re studying in a new city is one thing, but looking for accommodation when you’re travelling to different places is another. If you are making the most of your overseas education by going full-blast on your getaways, this app will help solve your booking issues.

With Hostelworld’s more than 25,000 accommodation options all over the world, you’ll find a place that will fit your budget. If the description and photos of each rental are not enough, read up on reviews from fellow travellers so you get the most bang for your buck. The Hostelworld app is available for free on Android and iOs.

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Studying abroad can be one of the most memorable experiences for anyone. Learn everything that you can. Visit beautiful places and soak up on different cultures. Connect with a variety of people.

Do everything on your bucket list with these must-have apps when living abroad. From communicating with people to navigating new cities and learning a foreign language, take on the world with these smartphone apps.

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