War Museum in Kelantan Malaysia

War Museum is one of the prominent landmarks in Kota Bahru. The museum is administered by State Museum Corporation in Kelantan. The Museum opens at 8.30 am in the morning and will close by 4.45pm.

It is open on all days except Friday. The museum houses the memory of the war in addition to the photographic collections including HRH Sultan Ismail Petra who was the Colonel in Chief of the Malaysian Royal Artillery Regiment during the time of war.

Kota Bahru War Museum
Kota Bahru War Museum

The museum displays the history of Kelantan – Thai relations before Independence. Visitors can also have a glimpse of the history of Malaysia Police followed by a premiere of the Malaysian Armed Force. The Museum even displays information regarding the presence of British in Manitoba area before and after the war.

Warplane Propeller

The War Museum in Kelantan is located near to the Islamic Museum. The museum signifies World War II Memorial and some important historical events are displayed in the museum in a chronological order from the time Japanese landed during 1939 including the events that led to the victory and end of the war.

The whole collection inside the museum has been carefully administered and well documented. The museum also displays the interviews with villagers and locals who witnessed the landing of the Japanese in the Sabak beach. The museum also gives a detailed glimpse of the war heroes, the hardship faced by people and the allied troupes.

Vintage Car
Vintage Car

If you move upstairs in the War Museum, you will see a huge selection of photos describing the accounts of ordinary people such as Tok Janggut known to be a local revolutionary who was captured and executed by the Japanese. The museum also displays details regarding Mr. Chapman who helped by giving support for the local people especially during the trying times since the war ended. Another unique centrepiece of attraction includes a typewriter with jawi keys that represents the earlier years when technology was not advanced.

The museum is one of the best places where visitors can have a glimpse of the war history in the state of Kelantan. The museum building was constructed dating back to the year 1912 which makes it a century old building. The building was constructed by Mercantile Bank in 1912.

The museum has an amazing collection of Japanese memorabilia and documents related to the Second World War. The whole museum can be visited within a maximum of two hours and is worth the visit. Several tour guides are available in Kelantan offering assistance for visiting and describing the monuments and documents displayed in the museum.

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