The supreme taste of steeped tea is at SIP Milk Tea

The prominence of milk tea shops in almost every corner of town only indicates the ever-growing popularity of the refreshingly yummy beverage. While milk tea has appealed to the drinking taste of today’s generation, the history of tea goes back thousands of years, tracing its beginnings to the precise art of steeping. Staying true to the centuries-old tradition of steeping tea is what sets SIP Milk Tea apart from its other milk tea counterparts.

SIP Milk Tea
SIP Milk Tea

The authenticity of one’s tea drinking experience, whether it’s sipped from a mug or a cup, boils down to how the tea is prepared. Extracting the right amount of flavor and aroma to make the perfect cup takes the right amount of tea, water temperature, and time. SIP Milk Tea uses only high-quality tea leaves and natural ingredients that are meticulously infused in water to bring out traditional flavors and aroma.

SIP offers tea delicately steeped to ensure the natural flavor comes out. Their wide array of milk tea flavors range from everyone’s favorite milk tea in eight delectable flavors (plain, green, caramel, chocolate, mango, strawberry, hazelnut, honey) to fruity variants (passion fruit, blueberry, mango, etc.), Yakult-infused blends, the traditional black and green tea, and unique remixes such as Chappucinos (cream-layered milk tea), the sweet and creamy Handmade Taro, and the minty Himalayan.

Get an authentic tea drinking experience only at with SIP’s genuine steeped tea drinks. SIP is located in six branches: Robinsons Galleria, Pearl Plaza, Malate (Dr. Quintos St.), SM Sucat, SM Manila and E.Rodriguez St., and will soon open stores in Farmer’s Plaza and the Makati area.

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