Places to Explore in Kota Bharu, Kelantan in Malaysia

Wat Machimmaram Temple photo by Tourism Malaysia

Malaysia is considered one of the best tourism destinations in Asia. This is because of its wonderful and attractive states like the  State of Kelantan. In Kelantan alone, there are no shortages of places to visit. Below are some of the many places in Kota Bahru that tourists and local residents love to visit frequently.

Wat Photivihan Temple
Wat Photivihan Temple

Wat Photivihan:

Kelantan, being a so-called Islamic State, has a number of temples. Wat Photivihan is the largest and the most popular temple of Kelantan that tourists usually visit first before any other place. This is not the case with Buddhists only, but people from every caste and religion visit the place because of its beauty, popularity, and recommendation from popular guidebooks.

Wat Machimmaram
Wat Machimmaram Temple

Wat Machimmaram:

Another great temple for Buddhists is Wat Machimmaram which comprises of the tallest seated Buddha, which is unexpected in a country with a 95% of the Muslim population. The gallery and the inside decoration are very attractive.

Kampung Laut Mosque:

You may think that this would be the largest mosque, but there are several large mosques than this. What makes this unique is that it is 300 years old approximately and was built without using even a single piece of metal.

Pasar Siti Khadijah Market
Pasar Siti Khadijah Market

Wakaf Che Yeh:

Among several markets in Kota Bharu, this is the most popular and commonly visited market that is opened late till night, sometimes even till morning. Almost everything is available in the market, and products of every major brand like Nike and Adidas are widely available.

Pasar Siti Khadijah Market :

Another great market for fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, silver, bronze, and household items. It is also very much popular for its ready-made dishes and desserts, due to which a lot of traffic is attracted towards the market. The major difference between this and Wakaf Che Yeh is that Khadijah Market gets closed early.

Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB):

Beaches have always been the best place to spend weekends at. In Kelantan, PCB is the beach near Kota Bharu, which is also highly admired by local residents and tourists. When we talk about the history of this beach, it was first named Pantai Cinta Berahi, which was seen as inappropriate for a beach in an Islamic state. To the north is the Thailand border, filled with Guards to arrest trespassers.

The King’s Residence:

As the name says, this was the palace for the king, which is obviously not easy to enter. However, some tourists say that the king was not living there when it was being renovated, and the guards, after much persuasion, allowed tourists to enter.

Pusat Batik Kelantan:

This market comprises the widest and most beautiful variety of Batik dresses with comfortable shops and boutiques, making the shopping more enjoyable. Unlike the Khadijah market, the Pusat Market is way too spacious.

Istana Batu, or Royal Museum, is yet another popular destination for visitors to Kelantan. The museum was once a palace and was used to host royal weddings. It is currently a repository for the history of the Kelantan royal family. Visitors can find an extensive collection of royal regalia, photographs, crystals, silverware, and several other items used by former Sultans.

Another highlight destination in the state of Kelantan is the Islamic Museum which houses a photographic collection of personal belongings of Prophet Mohammed, Islamic crafts and arts from across the world, etc. The museum building originally housed the first school opened in the state of Kelantan for Islamic studies.

These were some of the most visited tourist attractions that are very much admired by tourists and local residents.

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