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Visiting Al-Muhammadi Mosque in Kota Bharu

Masjid Al-Muhammadi in Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Al-Muhammadi Mosque is an important place of worship in Kota Bharu, Kelantan Malaysia. It is also one of the prominent landmarks in the city. The mosque has a teaching system that resembles the one practiced in Mecca.

Al-Muhammadi Mosque in Kelantan Malaysia
Al-Muhammadi Mosque in Kelantan Malaysia

This mosque testifies to the significance of Islam in Kota Bharu as a religion. Kelantan’s people have high regard for this place of worship. I was really impressed with the structure after the first glance. There was a golden dome at the back of the mosque, which was quite distinguishing. Most of the tourists visiting this mosque consider it an architectural feat.

This old and traditional mosque is one of the two most important mosques in Kota Bharu. The other is the Kampung Laut Mosque, located south of Kota Bharu City near Nilam Puri. It is also known as the State Mosque of Kelantan and is located alongside Jalan Sultanah Zainab in Kota Bharu.

Al-Muhammadi Mosque in Kota Bharu Kelantan
Al-Muhammadi Mosque in Kota Bharu Kelantan

Al-Muhammadi Mosque was built by Sultan Muhammad II in 1867. In the earlier days, the mosque had a wooden structure. It was only in the year 1922 when the mosque underwent a renovation to a concrete structure. Sultan Ismail officially inaugurated the renovated mosque in 1931. The mosque was named Al-Muhammadi Mosque from that time onward. It was mostly used as a center for religious teaching until the late 1960s.

Now the mosque is used just for prayers and State Islamic celebrations and festivals. It was a visually impressive experience to watch the mosque stand tall in the center of Kota Bharu. Other attractions of the mosque include a huge clock and 2 minarets.

Al-Muhammadi Mosque in Kota Bharu
Al-Muhammadi Mosque in Kota Bharu

I saw glimpses of several renovations carried out in the Al-Muhammadi Mosque in Kota Bahru. The mosque is now a huge structure widespread to accommodate a maximum of up to 2,400 worshippers during a single prayer session. The mosque also has a reputation for teaching some famous Islamic Scholars.

It is also a place for visitors who are looking for peace and calm from their daily hectic schedules. The interior designs and decorations inside and outside the mosque represented the traditional Islamic culture. The picturesque beauty of the mosque was beyond words.

I would recommend anybody visiting Kelantan to spend a day in Al-Muhammadi Mosque and nearby tourist spots and enjoy the grand culture and architecture you can witness there.

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