Hotel Harmoni in Kota Bahru in Kelantan Malaysia

Hotel Harmoni in Kelantan

Hotel Harmoni in Kota Bahru

Upon reaching the final bus stop in Kota Bahru, our next task is to find a place to stay. The area is surprisingly quiet when we arrived and since Kota Bahru is an Islamic City, theres no nightlife here and commercial establishments usually closes at 6pm. Few blocks from the Bus station, we found Hotel Harmoni. The hotel is located besides Kota Bahru City Clock Tower which is considered to be one of the most prominent landmarks in Kota Bahru.

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Hotel Harmoni in Kelantan

What I like about the hotel is its easy access to bus and taxi terminals which are only at walking distance from the hotel. Some of the major shopping centres are also located near the hotel. The hotel offers customers with eight types of rooms to choose from and reservations are available in the hotel till 6pm. Just like any other hotel, the check out time is 12pm in the noon.

Group rates are also available on request from customers planning to stay in the hotel. The exterior and interior of the hotel and its surroundings are just ordinary but its one of the best hotels for budget travelers.

One of the two single beds
One of the two single beds

Out of the eight types of rooms available in Hotel Harmoni, the most basic one is the ‘Standard’ room which features one double bed with other basic amenities including television, telephone and a hot and cold shower available inside the room.

Second room type is ‘Standard A’ featuring three single-beds with basic amenities. The third type of room is ‘Superior’ rooms which allow customers to have a look outside from the Windows from inside the room in addition to the presence of two single beds.

However ‘Superior A’ room is the fourth room type comprised of one double bed and two single bed with a window. The 5th type of room also known as ‘Deluxe’ room is more expensive compared to others already mentioned. This room has a total of two double beds and one single bed with window.

Hotel Harmoni Entrance
Hotel Harmoni Entrance

The rest of the room types are designed for family and have been named as Family 1, Family 2 and Family 3. ‘Family 1’ type room involves 2 double bed and 2 single bed. ‘Family 2’ type room has three single bed and one double bed. ‘Family 3’ type room is the largest of all and has a total of two double beds and one single bed. Rates starts from RM65 (rates may change without prior notice).

The services available at Hotel Harmoni in Kota Bahru Kelantan include laundry services and taxi services. Fax and Photostat services are also available inside the hotel. There are a total of 51 completely air-conditioned rooms. Those staying in any one of the hotel rooms can also enjoy both hot and cold shower. Customers can also enjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi and internet access for staying connected with family and friends. For us, we requested to be assigned to the room near the router just to make sure we have faster internet connection.

Customers can get their clothes ironed up on request. They will have to pay an additional charge for it. Visitors can park their cars with parking facility available in front and towards the side of the hotel premises. Other key facilities include CCTV surveillance across external and internal premises of the hotel.

Colour Televisions are available in each of the rooms. Customers can book rooms online from their official website or can get in touch with one of the hotel representatives through telephone.

It is one of the best affordable hotels suitable for backpackers visiting Kota Bahru in Kelantan. Im sure there are other hostels available in the area but next time I visit Kelantan, I’ll stay again in Hotel Harmoni.. Checkout their website here…

Hotel Harmoni
Lot 3761, Jalan Temenggong,
15000 Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia.
Telephone : +609 744 7558
Fax : +609 748 1558
Email :

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