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Day Tour at Toronto Island

Toronto Island Boardwalk

After a huge Dim Sum Lunch at Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Restaurant, we proceeded to the Central Toronto waterfront terminal located few blocks away from the restaurant. Its considerably a long walk but we hardly even noticed it since we enjoyed walking along the clean pedestrians passing by beautiful skyscrapers with a cold afternoon weather.

Ward's Island
Ward’s Island

Upon reaching the terminal, we bought tickets and waited for the next ferry to arrive. The ferry services transports passengers and vehicles twice an hour and it only takes less than 15 minutes to reach the ferry terminal.

Nature Tripping in Toronto Island
Nature Tripping in Toronto Island

Just near the Toronto Island port, we saw several bike rentals but we decided just to walk around and enjoy the island in solitude. The island consists of a group of small islands with Hanlan’s point, Centre Island and the Wards Island as the three most popular and major islands.  Each of these islands has several attractive features and a brief history behind them.

Interesting Sights in Toronto Islands
Interesting Sights in Toronto Islands

From Hanlan’s point, we walk towards the beautiful wooden board walk where we spent our time strolling while taking photos of the beach, houses and various animals like birds and squirrels. We originally planned to visit the light house but its quite far and we dont have much time to spend. Gibraltar lighthouse is the oldest standing lighthouse of Canada and the oldest stone building in the Island.

Board Walk in Toronto Islands
Boardwalk in Toronto Islands

While walking in Hanlan’s point, we took a short break near the sand dunes to take photos. It’s really cold so we decided to look for a snack bar or coffee shop. We searched the map and visited most of the coffee shops listed but all of them were closed for the season.

Algonquin Island
Algonquin Island

Middle island is situated in between the Hanlan’s point and the Wards Island. The island connects the mainland and the Gibraltar point.  The island has two distinct bridges which were built to contain traffic and is still in use. Here, the main attractions are the Centreville Amusement Park and the Franklin Children’s Garden. The island has the age-old tram tour functioning between June and September.  The island also has a private yacht club named the Canadian Yacht club.

Toronto Island Walking Tour
Toronto Island Walking Tour

Algonquin (Sunfish Island) is the last island we visited. This is where we had our last stop for more photoshoot. If you want to take an amazing photo of Toronto’s Skyline, this is the best area to setup your tripod and camera and have a photo with a magnifiscent backdrop. I wish we can stay in the area till night so we can take an evening shot of Toronto’s skyscrapers.

What’s special about the Island?

A day tour at the Toronto Island can give you an entirely different and memorable experience. There is a very entertaining ferry ride which allows you to experience the vast horizons of the sky. On the island, you can watch birds, swim at the beaches, and just walk around like everybody does. The villages in the island are known for its natural settings and plush gardens.

As a tourist attraction that has a unique charm, the Islands work best for a family getaway, rather than backpackers or solo travelers despite the idyllic landscapes.

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