Stoked at Club Paradise Palawan Resort in Coron

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Club Paradise Palawan Resort in Coron

Imagine a place where you can frolic under the sun on a white sand beach; a place where you get to see colorful flora and fauna; a place where you can relax in a rustic and charming accommodation; a place where you can explore the underwater world. Sounds very inviting, right? I felt the same way when we got to visit Club Paradise resort in Dimakya island, Coron, Palawan.

dimakya island
Club Paradise Palawan in Dimakya island (photo by Club Paradise)

A spotless beach shore with azure waters welcomed our group. We settled in one of the lounge areas located in this exclusive 19 hectare island resort. Club Paradise Palawan (rates) is a tropical paradise located amid the magnificent landscapes and seascapes, dive sites and natural wonders of Coron. It’s that place where you can dive, discover, relax and enjoy all at the same time.

serene lounge area club paradise palawan
serene lounge area

secluded beach coron
secluded beach

Underwater Fun

Having had too much dose of snorkeling in Apo Reef, Kayangan Lake and Siete Pecados doesn’t mean I already lost my thirst to see the underwater world Club Paradise Palawan (resort reviews) has to offer. Every snorkeling experience is different, which I proved right after putting on my mask and looking all the way down the sea bed. After a few minutes of swimming I saw a large school of fish moving from one cluster of corals to the other. It was fascinating to watch them from a nearby distance. I actually felt like I can already touch them if I stretch out my arms. Unlike in other snorkeling sites, we didn’t have to swim far just to see marine creatures.

marine life
marine life

amazing underwater view
amazing view

Apart from snorkeling, Club Paradise Palawan also offers a myriad of activities like diving, kayaking, paraw sailing, hiking and island hopping. We didn’t have the luxury of time as we had to leave by 12noon, thus our group was divided into those who want to snorkel, dive and visit the nearby islands. In spite of that, everyone still wore a big smile after.

MV Discovery Palawan
M/V Discovery Palawan as seen from the island

Relaxing Stay

Club Paradise Palawan (hotel info) knows how to pamper and take care of guests, which is evident in the quality and comfort of their rooms. There’s a variety of accommodations fit for various preferences available in the resort.

sea view cottage
sea view cottage (photo by Club Paradise Palawan)

garden suite bathroom
garden suite bathroom

Perhaps one of the most coveted rooms with a breathtaking view, the Beachfront Cottage is sure to provide you a scenic and pleasant stay as it’s seated on a private beach enclave. Guests checked-in at the Garden View room get to wake up to a beautiful morning of lush greens and cascading shades of blue with a direct access to the island’s fragrant flora. The Sea View Cottage wouldn’t disappoint anyone as it’s tucked amidst the island’s lush greenery and fronts crystal clear waters. The Hillside Cottage offers a perfect respite from the real world with its laid-back charm, earthy palette and organic simplicity. You can also get to relax on your own private balcony in the Garden Suite, a room with minimalist design and neutral colors set in the midst of luxurious tropical shrubbery.

beachfront balcony
beachfront cottage balcony (photo by Club Paradise Coron)

hillside cottage
hillside cottage (photo by Club Paradise Coron)

Paradise Destination

The island resort isn’t just about the beach. Other than snorkeling, diving, kayaking and other water activities, guests can also soak in the splendor of nature in Club Paradise Palawan’s swimming pool. Those who want to indulge in pure pampering can go to the Glow Spa and get a rejuvenating massage. Guests can also indulge in succulent flavors of the sea in the Ocean Restaurant or enjoy a drink or two in the resorts many bars. If you’re up for a hike, take an exhilarating climb to Eagle’s Point, the highest peak in the island. You’ll be rewarded with awe-inspiring views of stellar islets cradled by shades of blue and Coron’s glorious sunsets.

swimming pool club paradise
postcard perfect view of the swimming pool

drinks at shack bar
tropical refreshers from the shack bar

sand bar
guests capping off the evening at the sand bar

view from eagle's point
view from eagle’s point

Club Paradise Palawan offers everyone the chance to discover the island life and experience the best of world renowned Filipino hospitality. There’s plenty of things to do, sights to see and places to explore in this part of Coron. This playground in paradise sure is worth a visit.

Club Paradise Palawan Resort (Book via Agoda)
Address: Coron, Palawan
Phone: (02) 838 4956

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