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Smart Ways to Maximize your Smartphone During Your Trip


With the sheer number of apps available for free these days, there are more uses for your smartphone apart from simply storing snapshots or staying in touch with your friends and relatives back home.

Smart Traveler
Smart Traveler

Some of these are uses which you may not have thought of, or uses which replace bulky, traditional ones that will definitely lighten your hand-carried load, so have a gander at these and remember them for your next vacation—they’ll make your trip that much easier and fuss-free!

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1. Find out more about your destination using your 3G or LTE connection.

Travel Light, Download Travel Guide Apps
Travel Light, Download Travel Guide Apps

This is great for those on a postpaid plan. If you’re the kind of person frustrated by carrying a chunky travel guide or a large map that you can never seem to fold, why not simply look up where you need to go on your smartphone browser? You can find out everything about a place—from the little hotspots, to the famous monuments, down to a hole in the wall that serves the best tacos that you’ll ever eat, many travelers document their discoveries or tips for others in blogs or review sites, so stay connected and have a great itinerary without needing a tour guide!

2. Teach yourself how to get around with language translator and navigation apps.

Download Online Maps
Download Online Maps

Apps like Waze or Google Maps are great for helping you figure out where you are or how to reach particular places, so this is especially handy for those who are shy about asking locals how to get from point A to point B. Similarly, if you want to pick up some useful phrases to say important things or ask common questions, there are plenty of language translator apps that will help you figure out the correct words to use and the proper way to say them.

3. Take photographs the smart way.

Mobile Photography
Mobile Photography

The problem with digicams back in the day was that you would have to hook them up to a laptop or PC with a separate cable before you could upload them. Sure, you got photos of excellent resolution and quality, but it was added baggage. Now smartphones have cameras with such good lenses that they’ve rendered the need for a digicam as virtually obsolete. Smart just rolled out several data promos involving Instagram, so you can share all your favorite snaps from your trip on the go. Want to edit your photos? Photo editing apps can help you clear up blurry snapshots, illuminate dark pictures and make a wonderful collage so you can remember your trip even when you come back home.

4. If you’re on a WiFi plan anyway, use free calling and texting apps.

Call and Text for Free
Call and Text for Free

Apps like Viber and Skype are great for avoiding charging those you love at home a hefty extra when they reply to your queries or want to reach you, so these are definitely options worth exploring. Additionally, if your friends have their own data plans, it may be easier for you to simply message them over Facebook—now you can ask people what they want for their pasalubong in real time!

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and stay connected during your next vacation!



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