Mar Roxas in Mindoro

Mar Roxas Mulls To Become A Travel Blogger?

Mar Roxas Visits Various Parts Of Philippines As Travel Blogger: Here’s A Glimpse Of His Travel Adventures

After his unsuccessful bid for the presidency and years of being part of the country’s political sphere, Mar Roxas contemplates the life of being a travel blogger.

Roadtrip in Mindoro, Mar asking the locals for directions
Roadtrip in Mindoro, Mar asking the locals for directions

Just recently, the former DILG Secretary managed to earn his Advanced Diver certification and now regales the Internet with his many travels, both above and under water. In an effort to ‘thank’ his supporters during the Presidential bid, Mar Roxas now visits various parts of the country and blogs about it complete with pictures. (visit his blog)

Sunrise in Capiz
Sunrise in Capiz

His entries are short, sweet, and to the point; and for the first time, the public is seeing a side to Roxas that isn’t automatically linked to a political agenda. On his first blog entry, he visits Oriental Mindoro followed by a stop at Naujan Lake at Pinamayan (click here).

Commenting on the sights, Roxas confesses that he wasn’t able to enjoy his travels during the campaign. After all, the schedule at that time was packed with the intention of hitting as many spots in as little time as possible. With his travelling today, however, Roxas can sit back and relax as he actually ventures outside the hotel and enjoy the sights of every place he visits.

Mar Roxas in full diving gear - photo from his facebook page
Mar Roxas in full diving gear – photo from his facebook page

In one of his uploaded pictures, we’re shown a Mar Roxas in full diving regalia near some corals with the caption “Fish be with you!” In others, he is shown just driving around or posing in that classic ‘gazing at the beach’ position.

Mar Roxas in Mindoro
Mar Roxas in Mindoro

Although Roxas’ travel blogging adventures are just starting, there’s no question that the public is already interested. Mar might well grab more followers, viewers, and readers especially with his prominent position in society. Bearing in mind the places he can access due to his status, there will definitely be LOTS of people waiting to see where he visits next. Of course, it’s also refreshing to see someone from the wild world of politics just travel with no apparent agenda other than enjoy the sights.

Cebu lechon! - Mar is a foodie too
Cebu lechon! – Mar is a foodie too

Since Mar Roxas is apparently doing all of these to thank his supporters (and maybe to do a little soul searching?), there’s a good chance that his visits would be confined to the Philippines. Those who also love to travel might one day find themselves meeting Korina Sanchez’s husband in another prominent part of the country, whether it’s the beaches of El Nido or the exclusivity of Batanes.

Mar promoting local tourism near Dumaguete
Mar promoting local tourism near Dumaguete

Right now, Mar Roxas’ posts aren’t coming fast enough and if he’s serious about this, he might well be a sought after guest writer in some of the travel sites today. Hmmm How about a guest post on Out of Town Blog Sir?

*photos courtesy of Mar Roxas Travel Blog via Facebook 🙂

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