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Matt Jumping in. Komodo Indonesia

Matthew Bailey of LiveLimitless.net

Matthew is the adventure driven blogger behind LiveLimitless.net. As a kid, He loved writing stories and starting little businesses. Blogging and the online world is a perfect fit, especially since he love traveling and the freedom of working from wherever he want. He also love adventure and experiencing new things. He became a world citizen in many ways such as marrying a girl from Mexico and finishing his university degree in Malaysia.

Learn more about Matthew by reading his answers to few of our travel related questions:

When did you start blogging, Why do you blog?

Matt at Indian Temple
Matt at Indian Temple

I started blogging way back in 2009 when I began my first long term solo trip to Australia and New Zealand. However, I only started taking it seriously in 2012 after launching CanadianFreeFlyers.com. I started blogging as a way to write about my travels and to inspire people to live life to the fullest. I still write about those things but the online world has also reignited my entrepreneurial spirit.

Tell us more about your hometown.

I’m originally from Fort.McMurray, a small oil town in Northern Alberta, Canada. While it certainly isn’t a town for “dreamers”, it’s a great place for exploring the outdoors. Now that I live in a bigger city (Calgary, Alberta), I miss being able to walk out of my front door and run into the forest within five minutes. Some of my best memories were getting on a quad or skidoo and finding cabins deep in the woods. At the same time, it might be the isolation that inspired me to explore the world. As I mentioned, I live in Calgary now, which is only an hour from the magnificent Canadian Rockies.

Matt feeding wild hyena in Ethiopia
Matt feeding wild hyena in Ethiopia

When did you start traveling, inspirations?

Although I travelled around Canada as a kid, my first big trip was to Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia back in 2009. For some reason, Australia had always inspired me as a place to visit but I owe some credit to the books Vagabonding and the 4-Hour Work Week for the final push. Now my inspiration comes from wanting to see all the beauty of Earth and to learn as much as I can from a wide variety of people.

Do you have any funny travel stories?

When we first arrived in China, we couldn’t find anyone who spoke any English but we needed to catch a bus. However, my wife needed to use the bathroom so we tried to find someone who could help. Since we couldn’t speak their language, Karla made a shhh sound to mimic going to the bathroom. The lady nodded and had us follow her to what we thought would be the bathrooms. Instead, she brought us to the train ticket office, thinking she was making the sound of a train. Eventually she caught on and we all laughed.

Matt Flying Business Class
Matt Flying Business Class

Lessons you learned on the road?

There are so many things I’ve learned since that first trip back in 2009. One of those lessons is the general friendliness of people around the world. We all generally just want a peaceful life with a loving family and a decent quality of life.

Destinations on your Bucket List?

Oh my. There are so many. In the last 10 years, I’ve actually completed my original 100-item bucket list and now have a new one, comprised of both travel and personal goals. Some destinations that come to mind are Cuba, Namibia, Botswana, and Madagascar. If you’d like to see my current 100-item bucket list, click here;http://www.livelimitless.net/the-list

Matt hiking in New Zealand
Matt hiking in New Zealand

Beach or Mountain?

I’ve asked myself this question often, especially when considering a home base. I really can’t decide. I actually live near the Canadian Rockies and the beauty of the area is truly astounding. There are so many hiking opportunities in the summer and world-class skiing in the winter. At the same time, the sea gives me a certain sense of peace and when travelling, the tropics are my favorite destination. How about a beach with mountains nearby?

How often do you travel by air / land?

Right now I’m taking some time off from travel to focus on the blog and online business. However, my wife and I usually try to travel 6+ months per year. In the last six years, we’ve been to 38 countries and over 200 cities. Once we’re in a country, we try to travel by land as much as possible but if time is a factor, we’ll fly. I actually love flying. I enjoy watching movies on the little airline screen and looking out the window to see us flying over the clouds.

Matt Peyto Lake in Alberta
Matt Peyto Lake in Alberta

What’s your favorite airport?

Tough question. I can tell you that the airport I dislike the most is Houston International. Some that come to mind are Singapore, Vancouver, and Calgary (because it’s my home city).

What is your favorite Hotel?

I’m actually not a huge hotel person. I love me some luxury now and then but I always focus on experience over accommodation. Typically we’re visiting developing countries and I like finding budget guesthouses. I really loved Caroline’s Resort in Palau because of the incredible view over the rock islands. I also loved our 5-star stay at St. Regis in Singapore. However, if I had to choose just one, I’d go with Las Brisas in Ixtapa, Mexico. Not only is it one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen but it’s also the hotel I got married at.

What is your preferred Airline?

Wow, another tough question. Even as a travel hacker who has flown hundreds of different airlines, I’m not that picky. My best experience though was flying first class on Emirates A380.

How do you beat jet lag / Motion sickness?

I don’t get motion sickness but for jet lag, I try my best to sleep in the time zone of my destination. When that fails, I just do my best to get a good sleep the first night I arrive.

Matthew Bailey and wife Karla in Japan
Matthew Bailey and wife Karla in Japan

What are your favorite travel gadgets?

A universal travel adapter is really important and I love having an unlocked smart phone so that I can buy a local SIM card and access Internet when I need it. For low tech, I always bring earplugs and an eye mask.

Any Tips on how to travel light?

A lot of it comes down to deciding what to wear. Clothes are usually what make up most of a suitcase and I think most people get carried away with trying to bring clothes for every possible outcome. I like trying to combine things when possible. For example, I always bring convertible hiking pants, which can transform into shorts if need be but are also great for bus rides and any type of hiking. For shoes, I try buying dark colored running/hiking shoes that look good for day-to-day activities as well.

Best Backpack Brand?

I’ve been using Asolo for many years and the only reason I bought it was because it was on sale. Instead of $150, it was just $50! I’ve had it 7 years and it works great.

Top 3 International Destinations?

Overall, my wife and I really love Asia. It would be difficult to pick just three countries but some that come to mind are Myanmar, Japan, Mexico, and Indonesia.

Favorite Travel Quote:

I like these two;

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous
“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Top 3 favorite Philippine Destinations?

Malapascua is a wonderful place for scuba diving and tropical scenery. It’s one of the only places in the world to dive with Thresher sharks and there’s not a lot of tourism. Another great place to visit is Batad for incredible views of the Ifugao rice terraces. Lastly, if you’re already up north where the rice terraces are, another place to visit is the area around Sagada where you can explore caves and witnessing the unusual hanging coffins.

Matt Jumping in. Komodo Indonesia
Matt Jumping in. Komodo Indonesia

What do you love / hate about traveling in the Philippines?

There’s something about the Philippines that screams adventure. It just felt like it was off-the-beaten-track, at least the places where we went. The people are incredibly friendly as well, which really adds to the experience. The difficult part about travelling in the Philippines is the transportation. It’s often a slow experience thanks in part to infrastructure and the fact that the country is made up of over 7000 islands! If one really wants to explore the country, they’ll need a lot of time for planes, buses, and ferries. However, this is what adds to the adventure!

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