Comforting Soups at Island Chicken Inasal

Rainy days are here to stay even on the famous white sand island of Boracay.

The best way to experience this lavishly wet phenomenon in Boracay is in a lovely place with like-minded friends over delicious home-cooked Ilonggo cuisine.

Island Chicken Inasal lovely setup indoors
Island Chicken Inasal lovely setup indoors

Island Chicken Inasal, the original food spot that has brought Iloilo’s beloved chicken dish, offers the best Ilonggo dining in one of the most coveted spot on the island.

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With homegrown gourmet ingredients of coconut vinegar with herbs and spices to juice up the chicken, Island Chicken Inasal attracts quality diners from all over the world.

This season, diners have more reasons to visit this family-run restaurant with its warm flavourful soups, as Cansi and Batchoy.

Island Chicken Inasal's recently improved dining area with air-conditioning
Island Chicken Inasal’s recently improved dining area with air-conditioning

True to Ilonggo style, Island Chicken Inasal dishes up these sumptuous meat broths with fresh ingredients and natural seasonings, prepared in a loving way and slow-cooked to transcend its optimal taste.

Authentic Ilonggo Cansi
Authentic Ilonggo Cansi

While Cansi is a broth with tender beef shanks enhanced with the sourness of batuan, a yellow-green round fruit that is commonly employed as a souring agent in many dishes in Panay, Batchoy is a soup that is cooked with pig offal, beef and round egg noodles, plus an abundance of onion leeks and garlic.

Garlicky Batchoy
Garlicky Batchoy

These comforting soups provide a perfect balance to the cool and rainy weather, and therefore keeps the body content to face the gusty habagat wind blowing in on White Beach.

Other dishes on the menu that are matching with these delicious soups are Adobong Kangkong – water spinach simmered in vinegar, Ginisang Munggo – sautéed mung beans, Boneless Bangus (milkfish), Atchara – a pickled condiment made with julienned papaya and among many others.

Chicken Inasal served with freshly made atchara and white rice
Chicken Inasal served with freshly made atchara and white rice

A dessert to compliment this rainy day meal would be Leche Flan, soft milky custard sweetened with caramel.

Given the many returning guests that this restaurant has acquired throughout its more than 10 years of gastronomy, Island Chicken Inasal maintains its authentic Ilonggo cuisine quality, true to nature, which extends to its well-remembered Ilonggo service, one that is congenial and friendly.

Island Chicken Inasal is located in D’Mall, Station 2, White Beach, Boracay Island.



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