Batan Island : Your jump off point to never ending Batanes Adventure

Racuh a Payaman Marlboro Hills in Mahatao

It’s Winter season again and while some of you are already starting to create a Christmas wishlist, others are thinking where to go this holiday season. Why not try visiting Batanes for this Winter? For the unfamiliar, Batanes experiences 4 seasons and has it’s winter starts from December to mid February. You may not experience the real winter wonderland but just imagine the temperature that can go down to as cool as 7 degrees Celsius.

Batanes Landscape
Batanes Landscape

Similar to some European countries, the islands in Batanes are characterized by verdant rolling hills with the addition of beautiful black and white sand beaches dominated by large rock formations. This group of Islands is the Philippines northernmost province and Basco is the center of commerce since all major modes of transportation, trade and commerce is located here.

Blow your Horn
Blow your Horn

In my past visits in the island, I was surprised to hear some locals specially those in the island of Sabtang – listening to Taiwanese radio station since Taiwan is just 190 kilometers from Taiwan. In the island, every motorist are always required to blow their horn each time they pass by a curve to avoid accident since the roads in Batanes are not that wide.

old transistor
Old Transistors

Transportation in Sabtang is dominated by bicycles and scooters which makes the island away from pollution. Jeepneys for rent are abundant in Basco, You can ask anyone if you need help and they are more than willing to assist.

Kids in Chavayan
Kids in Chavayan

Ivatans are polite and peace-loving not to mention they are also honest (checkout my Honesty Coffee Shop post). Vacul is uniquely Ivantan, its an all weather headgear made from dried Vuyavuy fiber that is commonly used by farmers to protect them from too much heat and rain as well.

Marlboro Hills in Batanes
Marlboro Hills in Batanes

If you missed to visit Batanes during summer time, you can also visit Batanes during “Indian Summer” which takes place September to October. Sabtang Island is a 30-minute boat ride from the Radiwan Point at the Ivana Seaport. It is known for its steep mountains and deep canyons that earned its name as the “New Zealand of the Philippines.”

Photographer in Sabtang
Photographer in Sabtang

In Basco, you can visit Basco Cathedral – the islands oldest church before going to Naidi Hills. Discover Batanes historical past and its culture by visiting a small museum located near Basco cathedral.

Thats all for now… more Batanes discoveries in my next post:)

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  1. Er says

    Hello Mr. Melo,

    Thanks a lot for featuring Batanes in your blog. It’s nice to read good articles about our province and thanks God the weather was fine when you visited us.

    Good that you had traveled even to Sabtang Island amidst the unpredictable weather during this Winter seasons.

    Btw, please allow me to correct minor typo error which would add to your ivatan vocabulary and I hope it’s not offensive to you (peace). Our VACUL is made from dried VUYAVUY- not ‘vuyabuy’ (the same like that of the Arabian palm tree leaves

    I wish to read more of your blog articles Mr. Melo.

    Dios mamajes as miripirwa tana.

    1. melo says

      Thanks @Er for correcting the spelling of “Vuyavuy” – I love your province… Super!!

  2. Er says

    You are most welcome and hope to see you back in Batanes… very soon. ^_^

    Dios machivan!

    1. melo says

      @Er… I will very very soon:)

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