Mapping Movies: Favorite Tourist Spots from Pinoy Movies

Marlboro Hills in Batanes Photo by Roger Alcantara

Apart from beautiful romantic comedy lines, we always remember a movie because of its beautiful location. The Philippines is blessed with so many beautiful places that is perfect for a movie location shoot. Here are some of the most memorable movie spots from some of the famous Pinoy romantic comedy movies:

Batanes – Movie

Catching a flight to Batanes is akin to finding a four-leaf clover because going to this island is like going to a whole new world. Surrounded by some of the most luxurious beaches, golden sand stretching for miles on out – Batanes is like a whole new world.

Batanes Movie
Batanes Movie

This is why it isn’t surprising that this became the location for a movie starring Iza Calzado and F4 heartthrob Ken Chu. The movie did all the tourism marketing for Batanes, painting the island as one of exclusivity and absolute paradise.

Suddenly It’s Magic in Ilocos

There’s definitely something about the formula of a Filipino gal, a foreign boy, and an amazing location in the country. This is exactly the formula used in the movie Suddenly It’s Magic – but of course, using an entirely different storyline.

Suddenly It’s Magic Movie
Suddenly It’s Magic Movie

Top billed by Erich Gonzales and Mario Maurer, the movie features the amazing Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte. Needless to say, it’s a very awe inspiring movie – and not just because of the amazing sites featured along with the love story between the Filipina and the Thai.


Another movie that’s named after the location it was shot in, Baler offers a bit of twist in the time continuum. For one thing, it’s a historical romance starring Jericho Rosales and Anne Curtis. Baler was specifically chosen because it looked like it existed in a time capsule.

Baler Movie
Baler Movie

We’re not talking Vigan here – another attraction famous for its old-school charm – but an area that’s a bit closer to nature. Each shot features a different side of nature with forests that stretch out as far as the eye can see. It’s really a different experience than modern cities today.

That Thing Called Tadhana in Sagada

The latest flick that called attention to the beauty of Philippines, That Thing Called Tadhana actually bumped the number of tourists visiting Baguio, Sagada, and Benguet.

That Thing Called Tadhana
That Thing Called Tadhana

The place you really want to catch would be Mount Kiltepan where Mace screamed out her frustrations to the world. Of course, everything else is a sight worth seeing, but that’s up to you!

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Close to You

It’s John Lloyd, Bea Alonzo, and Sam Milby love triangle featuring three of the most amazing locations in the Philippines. With some of the top artists in the industry today, you just know that Close To You will be an excellent watch – but the setting for the movie makes it even more so. Oddly enough, the sites seen here are from different spots in the country. There’s the Chocolate Hills from Bohol, the Loboc River – also from Bohol, and shots of Davao and Dumaguete.

Close to You Movie
Close to You Movie

Of course, if we’re going to talk about maps and movies, it would be a crime to ignore locations that featured in Hollywood films no less. A good example would be Bourne Legacy which made good use of Manila’s street for its infamous chase scene. Or perhaps that last scene in the same movie, using the clean waters of El Nido, Palawan. Make sure to check those out too – but try to skip the streets of Manila since you won’t get much there!

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