The Benefits of Renting a Condo for your Next Holiday

Planning your next holiday with a strict budget? If you are traveling in a group, splitting the bills should solve your financial dilemma. However, when you are the sole financier for the trip, it is best to choose a practical yet enjoyable itinerary for everyone.

Living Room
Condo Living Room

One of the things that take a big chunk out of your travel money is accommodation. Fortunately, there are budget-friendly options to consider.

Condo versus Hotel

If your idea of a holiday is to get the royal treatment, then paying for a hotel room makes sense. You can do nothing but soak in large pools and drink piña coladas until the sunsets. Waking up to breakfast in bed and enjoying the luxuries of your suite are activities worth every cent. However, if you are strictly on a budget and want to do a little exploring outside your air-conditioned room, hotels should be removed from your list of options.

Condo For Rent
Condo For Rent

In almost any given situation, renting a condo is suitable if you travel with family and friends. It is also a cheaper alternative for long-term stays. Whether you are flying to the U.S., Europe, Asia, or Australia, real estate companies and private owners can rent out their properties to travelers.

Vacation rentals may include apartments, townhouses, country houses, and villas; however, condominium units will have everything you need to have a comfortable and peaceful stay in the metro.

Why Go Condo

In hotels, you get what you pay for. Five-star hotels are expected to have a fine range of facilities, such as fitness gyms, swimming pools, golf courses, and the like. However, if you only plan to use your accommodation to sleep and store things, the extra you pay for premium amenities will go to waste.

Why not rent out a condo and use the extra money to visit theme parks, beach resorts, and shopping malls? Not only would you get to experience a lot of things, but you will not be tethered to one location during your holiday.

A condo for rent is all about reasonable convenience. Pick up a takeaway, make a few sandwiches, or knock up burgers and chips for dinner. Cooking your own meals is a cheaper alternative than perusing the hotel’s grand buffet options. This is also an appealing option for families with allergic kids.

You will not have to worry about your child getting rashes before a tour because you will take care of his meals yourself. Parents will also not worry about being late for breakfast or dinner when the hotel’s kitchen counters are already closed.

Space is also a factor to consider when renting out accommodations. A condominium unit can house a great number of adults and kids, depending on its size. In hotels, there is a limit to every room, despite the size. If you try to squeeze in another person, you will pay extra.

Lastly, security should be an important point to consider. Hotels are known for premium security systems, with guards situated in major entryways and CCTV cameras in the hallways. Rooms can be opened with key cards, and any security issue will be attended to immediately. The same cannot be said in condominiums.

There might be a guard or two somewhere in the property, but you should not rely on them in securing your valuables. It is best to be wary when staying in condos. They might be convenient and cheap, but certainly, they are not theft-proof.

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  1. Rachelle Gonsalez says

    I strongly agree the idea of renting a condo than paying for a hotel. Condo is best for those who have strict budget because you can get what you want with your own, like buying your foods for meal outside or just cook inside your room than checking out in hotel’s cafeteria that costs much . You can experience a lot of things like going outside than just staying in one location. Hotels are just good for those who don’t want hassle in their vacation.

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