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Top 5 Places in That Thing Called Tadhana Movie


Top 5 Locations in That Thing Called Tadhana Movie

Have you seen the movie “That Thing Called Tadhana?” If you have, then you probably have a hankering to go to Sagada and experience this beautiful destination together with your very own Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman.

That Thing Called Tadhana Movie Locations
That Thing Called Tadhana Movie Locations

Thanks to that romantic comedy movie, Sagada became a hotspot for Filipino tourists who want to visit every site that played a role in the movie. Here are some of the locations that were featured in this hit film:

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Kiltepan Viewpoint, Sagada

Kiltepan Viewpoint
Kiltepan Viewpoint

This was the sunset shot – a classic for most movies but somehow, Angelica and JM made it seem like it’s the first time. Anyway, you can get to Kiltepan Viewpoint by jeep or by walking for roughly one hour. It’s at the end of Kiltepan Road, away from the city proper. A jeepney ride will cost you 500 back and forth, but if you manage to catch the sunrise, it will be worth it.

BenCab Museum, Benguet

Bencab Museum by Chip Sillesa via Flickr
Bencab Museum by Chip Sillesa via Flickr

Experience Benguet art and drop by the BenCab Museum – you know what scene we’re talking about. In here, you’ll find displays from national artists like Arturo Luk. A cornucopia of paintings, you’ll be hit in the face with contemporary, abstract, and even erotica artworks. Tribal artifacts are also abundant which should help you get a little closer to Sagada. Although we’re betting most of the paintings in “Tadhana” are no longer in display, you might still spot a few of them.

Session Road, Baguio

Session Road at Night by Lendl Peralta via Flickr
Session Road at Night by Lendl Peralta via Flickr

No need to enter every store you see – although it is incredibly tempting. Just taking a walk along Session Road should give you a feel about what it’s like to really be a local from Baguio. The best time to do your tour would be at night when all the colors are out and the sun won’t be eating at your back.

Food Trips

Gaia Café in Sagada
Gaia Café in Sagada

The couple from the movie definitely went through lots of restaurants along the way, so it would be a shame to not identify them all. First off, there’s Gaia Café where Mace and Anthony tried to warm themselves up through the ears. Next, we’ve got the Bohemian Food and Café where the two managed to talk their hearts out even while they chill in a very cozy atmosphere. Of course, let’s not forget the hotdog and ketchup scene – a stopover before the two eventually reached their destination.

Banaue Rice Terraces

Even if this wasn’t featured in the movie, the rice terraces are still worth a visit – for the simple reason that it’s a world-class heritage. Since you’re already there, bask in the history of Philippines and just take in what nature has to offer.

Melo Villareal in Banaue Rice Terraces
Melo Villareal in Banaue Rice Terraces

Wrap it all up with a nice, long, full body massage – side by side with your travel buddy – just like what Mace and Anthony did in those cute scenes.

Note though – locals aren’t entirely happy with the recent influx of people, so you might want to time your visit. With the movie now a few months over, the numbers are dwindling but if you time your visit just right, you might find you and your SO completely alone and doing a remake of That Thing Called Tadhana with your very own “Hugot Lines”.

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