Renew Your NBI Clearance Abroad

How to Renew Your NBI Clearance Abroad

NBI Clearance for OFW and those living abroad

Renewing your NBI Clearance Abroad

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Do you need to renew your NBI Clearance Outside the Philippines? The NBI Clearance is a very important document for all Filipinos, whether they’re inside or outside of the country. The NBI Clearance is the most powerful document to prove a person’s identity. Basically, the Philippines’ National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) runs your personal information throughout its entire database to check and see if you have existing crimes or felonies charged against you. If your name takes a “hit”, then you will need more time to further prove that you’re clean. Your records will be authenticated in the Identification and Records Division of NBI’s main office in Manila.

Renew Your NBI Clearance Abroad
Renew Your NBI Clearance Abroad

Almost every company in the Philippines requires an applicant to present his/her NBI Clearance and other valid IDs and documents. Remember that the NBI Clearance differs entirely from the Barangay Clearance and Police Clearance. It’s on a whole new tier of valid documents recognized by society.

If you’re an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), have plans to migrate abroad, or have any businesses abroad, there’s a high chance that you’ll need to renew your NBI Clearance from time to time. The document is only valid for up to one (1) year, so you must always have one at hand. Applying for government documents in the Philippines consumes much of your time, so better plan ahead! Luckily, with the help of our advancements in technology, most of these hectic processes can now be done online!

So, if you’re planning to renew your NBI Clearance abroad, read on because I’ve got you covered!

The Requirements

Remember that this article is only for the Renewal of NBI Clearance Abroad. It means that you should already have an existing NBI Clearance at hand. So, here are the requirements that you would first need to gather:

  • NBI Form No. 5 (Fingerprint Form)
  • 2×2 Sized Passport Photos with White Background
  • Photocopy of your Passport
  • Letter of Authorization

Booking an Appointment

Just like what I’ve mentioned earlier, we’re all fortunate because almost every transaction is processed online, and that goes with the renewal of your NBI Clearance too! Don’t worry, it’s very easy and convenient to book an appointment online. Just follow these steps:

Access the Online Portal of NBI.

Visit the official website of NBI here

Register a New Account (if necessary)

Upon reaching the online portal of NBI, a prompt will be displayed containing the question, “Do you have an old NBI Clearance?”. Check the box containing “NO.” You will then be prompted to fill up a form requiring your personal information. Complete the necessary details and avoid committing errors. After accomplishing all of these, click the “SIGN UP” button.

Completely Fill Up the Application Form.

Next, you will be prompted again to fill up an application form, this time it will be more extensive. So make sure to honestly provide your complete information. Oh, and also avoid committing errors. Once you’re done, double-check all of the information and click “SAVE INFORMATION”.

Apply for Clearance.

After filling up all the information, you will now be prompted to carefully review the information and edit some parts if necessary. Remember, once you click submit, you can no longer change anything on the application form. To edit, click “EDIT INFORMATION”. To finish, click “APPLY FOR CLEARANCE”.

Input Valid ID.

You need to prepare at least one (1) valid ID upon registration. Make sure that this valid ID must be with you during the time of your appointment. Next, input the type of the ID and the ID number. Once you’re done, click the “I AGREE” button. For the list of accepted IDs, click here.

Take Note of the Reminders.

Next, you will be prompted to read the important reminders. Take time to understand them then click the “CLOSE” button.

Select your Preferred Schedule.

You will now be prompted to choose your preferred NBI branch. You should select the most convenient branch for you because it’ll be the one to process your transactions. Next, choose a preferred appointment date. Before you move to the next step, there will be confirmation on the right side of the screen regarding your appointment. So make sure to show up!

Choose Payment Options.

Here’s a list of all the payment options available. After choosing your preferred payment option, click “PROCEED”.

Proceed to Payment Options.

Now that you’ve selected your preferred payment option, click “PROCEED TO PAYMENT”. After that, you will receive a prompt containing your transaction number, screenshot this or write it down because you’ll be needing it upon payment. Lastly, click the “TRANSACTIONS” button on the upper left portion, you will then notice that your transaction is still tagged as “pending”.

Proceed to Payment.

Next, you should now accomplish the payment depending on your chosen payment option. Make sure to pay the fee as soon as possible. After that, check the “TRANSACTIONS” tab again and you’ll notice that the status now changed to “paid”.

Check the Details.

Finally, after the payment, a “DETAILS” button will now show up. Make sure to record the information displayed, I suggest that you write it down or have a screenshot. Or better yet, print it so you’ll have a hard copy.

Voila! You have successfully booked your appointment for the Renewal of NBI Clearance online.

The Renewal Process

Filipinos abroad have two (2) options when it comes to the Renewal of the NBI Clearance. You can either have it renewed With an Authorized Representative or Without an Authorized Representative. You can let your relatives or trusted friends represent you during the scheduled appointment, they only need to present an authorization letter. Otherwise, you should choose the second option.

With an Authorized Representative

After preparing all the necessary requirements and booking an appointment online, your authorized representative shall go to your selected NBI Branch on the day of the appointment. Make sure that he/she possesses all the requirements, including the reference number. Your representative should also bring his own valid ID and observe proper attire.

Once your transaction has been processed, your representative will be asked to return to the NBI Office at a scheduled date and time to claim your NBI Clearance. He can now send it to you abroad!

Without an Authorized Representative

Just like what’s mentioned above, you should make sure that all of the necessary requirements are with you, including the reference number. Also, because you will be transacting without an authorized representative, you need to attach P200 in the form of a money order or bank draft with your documents. After that, proceed to mail all your documents to the head office of NBI in Manila addressed to the current NBI director.

After accomplishing all of these, expect the release of your NBI Clearance after five (5) business days. To verify its authenticity, look for the embossed dry seal of the NBI Agency. You should also attach your right thumb mark on the space provided.

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