12 of The Best Beaches in Colombia

Where are the best beaches in Colombia?

Colombia Beach Guide

12 Best Beaches to Visit in Colombia

Colombia is one of the few countries in the world that’s considered a complete package for international tourists. Hailed as one of the countries with the friendliest people on Earth, there’s no wonder why millions of tourists flock to the country not for the first time, but also a second and even third time!

Colombia Beach Guide
Colombia Beach Guide

The Republic of Colombia is a South American country that has coastlines both on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. No wonder the country is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, right? It is also where the world’s highest coastal mountain range, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta can be found! Imagine the majestic mountains and the pristine beaches of Colombia right there in front of you, I bet that’s a heavenly sight of nature’s most wonderful creations!

Oh, and Colombia is also known as the third-largest coffee exporter in the world! So for coffee lovers out there, make sure to put Colombia on your bucket lists! Ah, I’ll never be able to enumerate all the best things about this country because they’re practically endless. So how about we just focus on one best thing about Colombia? That’s right, I’m talking about beaches! Here’s our list of the 12 Best Beaches in Colombia!

Playa El Rodadero

Playa El Rodadero by Sheisale via Wikipedia cc
Playa El Rodadero De Sheisale – Trabajo propio, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

First on the list is probably Colombia’s most popular beach, Playa El Rodadero. Situated at about 4 miles from Santa Marta Downtown, it has become a favorite tourist attraction because of its accessibility. The crystal clear waters of El Rodadero Beach also makes it a top scuba diving site in the country.

The beach is also crowded with vendors so if you’re planning to buy something that you want, make sure to look around because there’s a guarantee that you’ll score great deals! Playa El Rodadero Beach is a go-to tropical paradise if you want a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca in Colombia photo via Pixabay
Playa Blanca in Colombia photo via Pixabay

Craving for peace and serenity? Well, the iconic Playa Blanca Beach is certainly what you’re looking for. This tropical paradise consists of creamy white sand shorelines, crystal clear waters, and a magnificent view of the sunset. It is widely popular for tourists because of its picturesque views and scenery.

There are also a ton of food and accommodation choices thanks to the widely developed establishments nearby. So if you’re looking to relax and enjoy at the same time, then Playa Blanca Beach is what you need!

La Miel

La Miel Panama Beach in Colombia by Alejandro Bustamante via Flickr cc
La Miel Panama Beach in Colombia by Alejandro Bustamante via Flickr cc

The ultimate Caribbean experience is waiting for you at the famous The Beach La Miel in Panama, Colombia. The crystal clear waters and white sand coasts of this beach are truly remarkable. There are also a couple of restaurants nearby that are facing the beach so enjoying a heartful feast while appreciating nature’s beautiful work won’t be a problem.

After that, you can go all day and enjoy island life all you want while lying on the beach and hearing the rustling of waves while staring at fresh coconuts on top of the trees!

Playas de Providencia

Playas de Providencia Colombia by Guillermo Bresciano via Unsplash
Playas de Providencia Colombia by Guillermo Bresciano via Unsplash

Fine white sands, crystal clear turquoise waters, tall coconut trees, Playa de Providencia is truly a tropical paradise to die for. Aside from these mesmerizing features, the beach also offers a stunning view of nearby islands and a huge clear sight of the ocean. There are also several bars offering a wide selection of Caribbean treats and delights so having a gastronomic adventure wouldn’t be a problem either!

The bars nearby also serve cool drinks and nice music so the nightlife here in Playa de Providencia will surely be unforgettable.


Palomino Beach by Frank Plamann via Flickr cc
Palomino Beach by Frank Plamann via Flickr cc

Ah, of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without including “The Hippest Beach of Colombia”, the iconic Palomino Beach of Santa Marta. This beach has been a tourist attraction thanks to its lovely long stretch of white sand beach facing the azure, crystal clear waters of the ocean. It is also a perfect place to take romantic walks along the coast while enjoying the classic Caribbean vibes of nearby bars and restaurants.

The waters in Palomino Beach are perfect for surfing making it an ideal location for watersports activities, too!

Beautiful Beaches in Colombia
Beautiful Beaches in Colombia

Las Islas de San Bernardo

Next up, are the famous beaches of Las Islas de San Bernardo. Ah, this is probably one of the best beach experiences you can ever encounter in Colombia, so make sure to check it out! Located in the south of Cartagena is a small island chain called the San Bernardo Islands.

There are ten (10) islands on San Bernardo and all of them are truly a haven for international tourists craving for that classic Caribbean experience. The islands are in an exceptionally pristine condition because it’s not yet a crowded tourist attraction. The waters are crystal clear and the beach is highlighted with white fine sands.

So, if you’re looking for a nice and quiet island experience, you should definitely visit the San Bernardo Islands especially its three (3) most popular islands: Tintipan, Mucura, and Santa Cruz del Isote.

Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona by Ben Bowes via Wikipedia
Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona by By Ben Bowes – Tayrona Park, Santa Marta, Colombia 08, CC BY 2.0,

Definitely one of Colombia’s absolute bests is the iconic Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, which is a protected area located in the Santa Marta region. The park is blessed with extremely rich flora and fauna. The rock formations, the ruins, the turquoise and crystal clear waters, the white sand beach, the coastal lagoons, palm-shaded coves, I could go on and on!

It is truly a tropical paradise that you have to feel and see with your own eyes so make sure to check it out!

Isla Mucura

Playas Isla Mucura by Sergiodbotero via Wikipedia cc
Playas Isla Mucura By Sergiodbotero – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

Another must-see beach destination in Colombia is the famous Isla Mucura, where the turquoise waters are so clear you can practically see all the beautiful aquatic animals lurking beneath you! The coast also consists of a lovely white sand beach with numerous food offerings such as bars and restaurants to choose from.

You should also try availing of the accommodation facilities and cottages made up of traditional huts to truly feel that Caribbean vibe!

Guachalito Beach

Guachalito Beach by Andreas Philipp via Flickr cc
Guachalito Beach by Andreas Philipp via Flickr cc

If you really want to get away from the rest of the crowd and enjoy your nature adventure in Colombia, then you should stay at Guachalito Beach. It’s located in a small fishing town called Nuki on the west coast of Choco.

Reaching the tropical paradise of Guachalito Beach can be quite a challenge but everything it offers is truly worth everything it takes. It is located in the wilderness so for people who want to cast themselves away from everyone, then this is the perfect spot!

The region belongs to is one of the rainiest places in Colombia making the sand extremely soft and almost black in color. But make no mistake because the waters of the beach are some of the best ones you’ll ever encounter anywhere in the world!

Playa de Bocagrande

Beach of Bocagrande by Bernard Gagnon via Wikipedia cc
Beach of Bocagrande By Bernard Gagnon – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

Another one of the most-visited beaches in Colombia is the famous Playa de Bocagrande. It is located in Cartagena, making the beach easily accessible from the busy city. It is composed of lengthy shores made up of volcanic sand and the waters are also pristine and crystal clear making it a relaxing place for people who wants to take a break from the busy city life.

El Valle Beach

El Valle Beach by Tomtomfish via Wikipedia cc
El Valle Beach By Tomtomfish – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

Another one of the best beaches in Colombia can be found in the town of El Valle. It is also an isolated location so expect that the tourists here are less compared to the other sites mentioned on this list. The town is surrounded by lush rainforests making the sands on the beach appear soft and black in color.

You can truly feel the Caribbean vibes of the place as you’re cast away from the rest of the population. Enjoy your closer encounter with nature!

Best Colombia Beaches
Best Colombia Beaches

Beaches of Coqui – Nuqui

Finally, Colombia’s hidden gem is the group of islands called Nuqui. It is a Colombian municipality facing the abundant shores of the Pacific where tourists are guaranteed to experience nature in its best state yet.

The beaches are truly out of this world thanks to the white sand shores, turquoise and crystal clear waters, and the rich culture surrounding the beaches. You can also meet several beautiful species of whales! Nuqui is truly blessed with abundant flora and fauna which is why there is still a lot more to experience on the islands other than the beaches! There are waterfalls, rivers, vast jungles, exclusive beaches, and many more.

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