Definitive Guide To Finding Teaching Jobs Abroad While Traveling

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Finding Teaching Jobs Abroad While Traveling

While traveling is fun and enlightening, it can be quite expensive. Did you know a smart way to solve this dilemma? Teach while traveling! Teaching and traveling make perfect sense.

Traveling teaches you so many things while working as a teacher allows you to travel and share what you know. This mutually beneficial relationship has inspired a growing number of travelers to earn money by teaching while traveling. Here are 12 tips to find and sustain the perfect teaching job in your dream destination.

Finding Teaching Jobs Abroad While Traveling
Finding Teaching Jobs Abroad While Traveling

Know of the Huge Opportunity to Teach English

To give you a clear idea of teaching opportunities abroad, think about this: As of 2014, there are approximately 1 billion English learners globally. The number is expected to double in the next five years.

Given this huge number, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) has become one of the best ways to earn money while traveling. Opportunities and hiring standards vary per country, so remember to consider what countries you are qualified to work in.

Teaching English Abroad while Traveling
Teaching English Abroad while Traveling

Personalize Work Abroad Programs

Online resources can help you find the perfect teach abroad programs. While there are many opportunities for teaching in a classroom setting, the new technology revolution has made it possible to teach English online while traveling.

It’s not only jobs focused on teaching English that you can find. Although most use English as the medium of instruction, there are many other interesting subjects to choose from.  Flexibility is the rule of the game, so feel free to create your own plan.

Teach in an exotic tropical island or in a bustling modern city. Choose a 9 to 5 work schedule or opt for a part-time arrangement.

Find Volunteer Jobs Abroad
Find Volunteer Jobs Abroad

Connect with a Friend of a Friend

Connecting with a teacher’s network or support group can be your ticket to finding teaching jobs abroad. Building connections can also come in handy to make working in a new place not only possible but also bearable.

Chances are you already know someone who’s taught abroad. Maximize getting first-hand tips from a friend or even a friend of a friend. You don’t personally know anyone who’s done it? Worry not, it’s totally fine.

Working as an English teacher while traveling will give you tons of opportunities to create new connections through daily interaction with the locals.

Flash that Winning Smile

A smile can make a world of difference. It can open doors for you when looking for teaching job opportunities. Whether it’s during the application process or when meeting your new employer, smiling is a powerful tool that can ease things and make you relatable.

The fundamental idea here is to show that you have the ability to connect and make your students feel comfortable towards you. Body language is just as important as English proficiency.

Teaching is Fun
Teaching is Fun

Surpass Job Competition with Certification

Opportunities in teaching English abroad while traveling is growing. This means having to deal with competition. Generally speaking, a background in education or professional teaching experience is not required.

The same goes for having a college degree. However, it’s still best to have these basic professional qualifications to bolster your chances of getting your dream job. Getting certification to bolster your qualifications is also easy and convenient. Among those to consider is the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

Create a Great Resume
Create a Great Resume

Stand out with Your Well-Crafted Resume

Since certification and prior teaching experience are not usually required, your resume is vital to effectively advertise yourself and land a job. The importance of a well-written resume cannot be overemphasized.

Play up your strengths and qualifications to show you’re the best choice. Given that many fumbles in crafting impactful resumes, it’s wise to enlist the help of your friend or someone qualified.

Make a Catchy Profile on Social Media

One of the fastest ways to find teaching jobs in a foreign country is to make a catchy profile on social media. Putting your social media account to good use means building compelling, professional profiles.

While LinkedIn is an obvious place for such a profile, don’t shy away from maximizing Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other platforms.

Meet new Friends
Meet new Friends

Have a Knack for Diversity

Experiencing cultural diversity is one of the best reasons to teach English abroad. Your openness to the country’s culture will largely dictate your success in your teaching stint. It’s impossible not to encounter different values and beliefs along the way.

The trick is to find common ground while respecting diversity. Researching about the country’s culture will also help you in developing your multicultural appreciation.

Visit Volunteer Programs
Visit Volunteer Programs

Visit Teaching Schools for Travelers

Personally, going to teaching schools can pay off. Find these schools online or ask around during your visit to the country. Inquire with the employees of the accommodation you’re in.

Besides, checking out the workplace and meeting your possible colleagues can provide a clear picture of working in another country.

Ensure Internet-abled “Workation”

“Workation” (work and vacation) requires the mobility provided by new technology. Ensure speedy Internet access for seamless communication.

You need reliable Internet not only to keep in touch with family and friends back home but also for job interviews via Skype or teaching classes online.

Stick to Travel Basics

Finding teaching jobs while traveling can cost you money until you get employed. So it’s best to travel simply and stick to the basics.

Make a budget before visiting the country. Focus on expenses such as transportation, accommodation, food, and health insurance.

Relax after work
Relax after work

Relax and Enjoy the Plunge

Working while traveling should be fun and exciting. It shouldn’t feel like a chore. Don’t forget, however, that the endeavor also requires discipline and dedication. Pick a destination you really like to explore.

Consider the weather, the sights, economic security, and culture, but don’t constrain these factors. Sometimes, just going for it, and learning in the process can be the best learning experience.

There are many things to do while traveling abroad, but working as a teacher can be your most enriching experience. You can earn money, explore a new culture, meet new people, and learn so much all at the same time. Carpe diem! Working as a teacher while traveling is a fantastic opportunity to discover yourself and the world.

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