Ways to Make Money from Anywhere in the World

Make Money while Traveling

How to Make Money from Anywhere in the World

Thanks to the advent of the internet and the digital economy’s growth, your ability to earn a solid income is no longer determined by your physical location. In 2015, many jobs can be completed from anywhere you’d rather be, whether on the sand dunes of the Serengeti or inside a poolside cabana in Cancun.

Even those who previously believed they’d have to make a move to the big smoke to get the good jobs are finding ways to make some serious income on their own terms, right from home.

Ways to Make Money While Traveling
Ways to Make Money While Traveling

So, what are the jobs, and how can you get started? Read on for some of the most popular ways people are making money from anywhere in the world.

Translation and Transcription Services

If you’re the type who loves to travel, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to pick up some translation work from the several languages you can (hopefully) speak. This suits those living abroad greatly, especially those looking for a chance to put their bilingual abilities to good use.

However, if your foreign language skills are at best average, there’s always transcribing work that pays by the audio hour. It might be slow going to transcribe word-for-word interviews and court proceedings, but if you’re quick on the keyboard, accurate, and have a keen editing eye, transcribing has the potential to bring in a pretty penny.

Make Money while Traveling
Make Money While Traveling

Teaching English

There’s a reason so many combine their travel hankerings with teaching English abroad – it pays well. Sure, it may not be as much as you’d get in your home country, but it’s more than a decent pay packet in the countless countries where your native language skills are sought.

What’s more, if you have a university degree and/or Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualifications, you can even receive a higher rate. Many who have worked as an English teachers abroad refer to it as one of the most transformative experiences.

Suppose you love to help others and thrive in a hectic classroom environment. In that case, it could be the perfect way to make money in Asia, South America, Mexico, Europe, or almost anywhere else!

Make Money With Your Blog
Make Money With Your Blog

More it, you can even become a digital nomad and travel around the world thanks to the online tutoring jobs. Depending on your own skillset, you can teach online and become a tutor to entry-level students or advanced English language speakers.

Plus, the more you teach, the more experience you gather over the years, the better teacher you become yourself. Then, after some time, you can charge more for your tutoring services.

To find an online tutoring job, you can use Preply, an online platform that provides all kinds of tutoring online jobs, including English teaching jobs.

One of the biggest benefits you will notice while teaching online is that it’s very liberating to choose how many students you want to have and how much time you actually want to spend tutoring. This way, teaching English online can become either a side hustle to earn some extra money or a full-time job.

Currency Trading

Suppose you’ve got a keen interest in the financial markets. In that case, you can combine your interest in monitoring the markets with the potential to make some tidy profits from trading foreign currencies. Through reputable education providers such as Learn To Trade, you can learn proven strategies to help you become successful as a private trader. With some of the trading schedules requiring as little as one hour of analyzing the market each day, becoming a budding investor can perfectly complement your travel plans and serve as a secondary income stream.

Do Your Existing Job… but Overseas

If you already have a job, there is likely a demand for that same job in more than a few countries where you can see yourself traveling.

Whether it’s as a chef in a restaurant, conducting frontline guest services in a hotel, or as a nurse, there’s a good chance that you can get work in your existing field overseas.

Just be sure to check the working requirements, including visas, in your country or countries of choice.

What other ways have you made money around the globe? Share your income-earning tips with a comment and help your fellow globetrotters out.

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