Make a Living while Travelling. How to find your perfect freelance travel writing job

How to find your perfect freelance travel writing job

Finding Your Perfect Freelance Travel Writing Job

Everybody loves traveling. It is so nice to find new places and to meet people from other cultures. But unfortunately, this activity is also really expensive. Wouldn’t it be perfect for making money while you are on the road?

If this scenario sounds good, then put your writing skills to some good use! Choose some of the websites below and start looking for a freelance travel writing job to earn money for your dream voyage.

Make Money while Travelling How to find your perfect freelance travel writing job
Make Money while Travelling – Finding Your Perfect Freelance Travel Writing Job

In this way, the resources will never waste. And besides, you will still be able to enjoy the trip!


Freelancers will always find good jobs here. The registration is free, but the company takes about 10% commission for every task completed. Writers can find clients who ask for articles in any language, not only English.

They just have to look for a fit job and send a bid. If accepted, users can start working immediately. The payment is released after completing the tasks. This one is available for withdrawing after one week.


This is also a well-known website for freelancers. Here, the company takes an 8.75% fee for every transaction. Anything else is free – the registration, the job posting, and the job applications.

Users can search for any type of task, from creative writing to technical writing. Anyway, the site does not ensure a stable income per month – the total sum gained depends on how many tasks you can get and complete.

This website is like a mine-gold for Philippines freelancers. They depend on it to find well-paid jobs and to gain a decent income. To be accepted by this company, users must have great writing skills and a passion for academic, creative, technical, or journalism texts. They must also hold a Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. degree. offer freelancers the possibility of gaining as much as $30 per page. Then, the company can ensure a stable income between $700 and $800 per month. However, freelancers are not forced to accept a large number of orders. They are free to work on their personal time.

So anyone who wants to register here must complete an online form, pass a test (which includes grammar exercises) and wait for the company’s answer. The money gained can be withdrawn in two different moments of the month – between 1st and 3rd, and between 15th and 18th. Hard-working users can even receive bonus packages.

How to find your perfect freelance travel writing job
How to find your perfect freelance travel writing job

This website has all sorts of writing tasks. Anyway, users must pay a monthly fee to create profiles and apply them to jobs. On the other side, the company doesn’t charge any other taxes for transactions.

There are three levels of membership – basic, silver, and gold. The gold one offers unlimited project leads and places the user’s bid on the list’s top.

In conclusion, freelancers and digital nomads can travel and work at the same time. After all, this is the best side of not having a traditional job – you can work anytime, anywhere.

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