Experience the Colors of India at Holi Festival Manila 2016

Holi Festival

Holi Festival Manila 2016

Holi festival is famously known as the festival of colors. It stemmed from India when this is the time among Hindus to attend community bonfire, to visit family and friends to spray colored powder and water.

Holi Festival
Holi Festival Photo credit: Thomas Hawk via Foter.com / CC BY-NC

Excitingly, the largest and splendid colorful festival from India is again back in Manila which was started in the year 2013. Holi Festival Manila 2016 is on the 20th day of March at SM Mall of Asia By the Bay Central Park and will start by 3:30pm-7:30pm.

What is Holi?

Holi festival is a major festival among Hindus celebrated on the day after the full moon in the month of Phalguna (March). Initially, Holi was celebrated as an agricultural festival for the coming of spring. But for many Hindus, it is believed that the celebration of Holi is a way to restart broken relationships, to liberate all negative emotions and to put an end to all the dissensions in the past, which is why some Hindus believed that it is also a festival of love.

Holi Festival Manila 2016
Holi Festival Manila 2016

The rationale of the occasion is to bridge people together and eradicate the social gaps because during Holi there is no peculiarity typically related with caste, status, sex, and age.

Historically speaking, Holi was derived from different legends and myths and one of which is the legend of Holika that signifies the victory of good over evil.

HOLI-day Manila!

Holi hai! (It’s Holi!) Holi Festival 2016 Manila showcases the vivacious Indian culture owing to its traditions, music, dances, cuisines and games. It is joined by numerous people embracing each other in greeting and setting aside their norms for a bit.  And primarily to mimic the colors of spring by throwing colored powder to everyone zinged by the upbeat rhythm of dholak – Hindu drums.

The celebration comes in two parts; first, everyone threw gulal­ – colored powder into the air symbolizing unity, friendship, color of everyday life and freedom.

Second, after the sunset, a Hindu priest performed the ceremony of Holika Dahan originated from the legend of Holika that signifies conquest of good over evil.

Manila Holi Festival 2016 photo by AsiaSociety.org
Manila Holi Festival 2016 photo by AsiaSociety.org

What’s in it for us?

According to the festival organizer – Asia Society, they aimed to bring in the Indian culture to us Filipinos that strikes brotherhood. Meaning to say, Holi festival unites every one of us ahead of our social or cultural disparities.

Spicing up the fun with these Activities

Bollywood & folk songs & dances
  • Manila Lion Bhangra Group- officially starts the program with dances accompanied by popular Bollywood songs – Chamak Challo.
  • Dance the way it is- you’ll be given an opportunity to learn Bollywood dances and Belly dancing instructed by the dancers on their workshops
 Fun arts
  • Rangoli Making- folk art which that aims to create pattern on the floor using colored rice, sand or flower petals and dry flour.
  • Live DJ and Drummers- pumping up your night as DJs and drummers jazz up with Bollywood Party Music
Early birds
  • For early comers, they can check out different Indian dishes and merchandise

Holi Festival Manila 2016 is organized by the Asia Society Philippines and SM by the Bay, in partnership with Embassy of India, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce, SingIndia Music of the Soul, and Indian Ladies Club.

Holi Festival Kids
Holi Festival Kids

Don’t miss the fun, buy your tickets now!

  • Cost: P150, P200 if fold on-site
  • Where to Buy: available at all SM Tickets outlets
  • For more information: contact 02-477-2222
  • For tickets, inquiries, and volunteer opportunities, contact Asia Society Philippines at info@asiasociety.org.ph.

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