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10 Bits of Advice to Avoid the “Burnout Occupational Phenomenon.”

How to Avoid Work From Home Burnout During the Pandemic

Have you ever felt burn-out with your work yet? Wait, burn-out? Burn-out is a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress when you don’t successfully manage your work schedule. Having this means you feel exhausted or fatigued and just look at your job pessimistically. If you feel unmotivated and uninspired, don’t worry. We can sympathize with you as we all feel this too.

The World Health Organization (WHO) actually already includes burn-out in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) as an “occupational phenomenon.” There are a lot of ways to battle this phenomenon.

Set up your “Work From Home Office”

Work from Home office photo via Depositphotos
Work from Home office photo via Depositphotos

It doesn’t have to be an “office” like what you have in your previous 8 to 5 work, but just a workspace corner where you only and solely dedicate your time in that space exclusively for work. It can be at the corner of your living room or your bedroom.

Maintaining this professional vibe and atmosphere will help you work and focus better, draw the line between your personal space and your workspace.

Lessen Distractions

It’s hard to avoid distractions even by looking at the irresistible cute adorable furball that you’ll want to pet and play with just one meow or bark. Also, having your family members or the people you live with makes it harder to focus. With them sitting beside you, it’s easy to have a movie hang-out on Netflix or a three-hour conversation when it’s your time to work.

To help you focus on your work from home job, you can encourage them to not contact you during work hours so you can finish everything until your set time, and that’s when you can hang out.

Don’t Look at the Internet.

I know working involves the internet, but what the internet means in this context is social media. Resist the urge to scroll on Facebook or Instagram before you even finish what you were supposed to do.

I know that a bell with a red mark and numbers on it is hard to resist, but you have all the time in the world after you finish your task! You can make a note beside your desktop or use your built-in notepad to remind you of this when you start scrolling away the hours.

Outline Your Plans and Meet Them

Create an Action Plan image via Depositphotos
Create an Action Plan image via Depositphotos

Even if your boss can’t see you or anyone at work, working from home doesn’t mean slacking off. Outlining your to-do lists and arranging what tasks you’ll do for the week will help you not be in a rush or cram the deadlines that are to be submitted. Also, being busy is not the same as being productive.

If your workload is too much even after you’ve set it on the calendar, talk to your boss about it if the tasks given to you are way more than what you should handle.

Move Your Body

Woman doing abs exercise at home photo via Depositphotos
Women doing abs exercise at home photo via Depositphotos.

Everyone is stuck in quarantine, which is one reason why walking is almost non-existent. You can’t even walk for a bit to your office anymore. Try taking a stroll around your living room or your neighborhood (following the right protocols), or try to also do some home work-out sets.

You don’t need a gym to sweat it out! Once you keep this up, the feel-good hormones will rush in and actually give you the energy to go on for the day and not feel sluggish, tired, or groggy. Keep the excessive belly fats away!

Don’t Overwork Yourself.

Many employees don’t have work anymore because of the quarantine, as some companies can’t afford the budget in keeping up with the new normal. This leads to the fear of losing your job, but you shouldn’t overwork yourself, making you suffer instead of being productive.

You’re just burning yourself out. Try to not put too much pressure on yourself and take time to regain motivation through having vacations or having time-offs.

Take Short Breaks

Coffee Break photo via Depositphotos
Coffee Break photo via Depositphotos

We tend to continuously work when it comes to the new normal. Now, our atmosphere doesn’t feel like our office, where someone asks us to take a coffee break and chit-chat for around 5 minutes before getting back to our tasks. Try having a short five-minute break every hour to help you focus more, instead of dazedly just staring at your screen and waiting for everything to get finished.

This can make your brain take a break and let your eyes rest, helping you think and work even faster.

Spend Quality Time on Yourself and on Family

When it reaches around 5pm or the time you schedule that you’re done, close your laptop, get up from your work chair and be excited to dedicate your time and attention to your family, loved ones, or housemates.

This is how you live and make sure that your social health is alright, as this also can help you’re your mental health and inspiration.

Keep a Routine

Remember the days you still bought coffee before entering the office and starting your day? Now, most people have thrown that routine as they’re always at home. Right now, try to either make your own cup of coffee or incorporate your new fitness exercise or even play with your cat before starting your work.

This can help your brain think that you’ve already had your relaxation time, and now it’s time to function for work. There’s also the added benefit of getting good vibes from finally remembering how to breathe and relax.

Make Sure You’re Getting the Right Internet Plan

Right Internet Plan image via Depositphotos
Right Internet Plan image via Depositphotos

It’s so frustrating to keep waiting on the sites your loading from either work or the videos you need to watch in your breaks when it’s the only time you have for it. Are there times you could’ve finished doing your tasks in 5 minutes, but it stretched up to 3 hours because of connection errors?

Online meetings are popular and needed in working too, which makes a fast internet a vital part of your job. Get the right plan to help you finish your tasks faster without any delays.

We recommend PLDT Home as it’s the strongest connection out there. Service error, no more! Switch to PLDT as a reliable and fast connection is a must!

You can share these tips with your friends, workmates, and family members to spread the positive energy!

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