Authentic Boholano Food @ Saffron Restaurant and Bar in Amorita Resort Bohol

Sometimes you have to explore other islands in order to find something completely unfamiliar and wonderful. A good example of this is a trip to Bohol. A few weeks back I was very pleased to get to enjoy a familiarization tour at the Amorita Resort on Bohol and along the way, I found a few very cool things that I was totally unfamiliar with.

amorita resort panglao island
A view from Saffron Restaurant

I’ve been to Bohol since I started travel writing but it’s always funny that just when you think you know a place, you get all the senses washed over at once. In this case, I was lucky enough to have it be my taste-buds because I got to enjoy the pleasure of authentic Boholano Food at the Amorita Resort’s Saffron Restaurant and Bar.

bohol recipes
Chicken Halang Halang

Chef Raphael Ongchiong, a graduate of the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management treated me and my fellow guests with not only his famous Ginger Menu but with a wide range of Boholano treats that brought smiles of pleasure from everyone there. A few examples?

best restaurant in bohol

Takla in Coconut Cream was a very nice treat. These are crayfish that come from the mangrove swamps of Bohol. Like eating tiny delicious lobsters with a very enjoyable Bohol flare. Another treat was the Chicken Halang Halang which was served in the Bohol style complete with hot chili, coconut meat, and plenty of lemongrass and ginger. Wow!

sinanglay recipe
Fish Sinanglay

Ginger and lemongrass, along with turmeric are typical ingredients in Boholano cuisine. Man, I love getting to eat new foods. Another treat from Chef Rafael Ongchiong was his version of Balbacua which was made from oxtail and trotters. This one isn’t for everyone, but I loved it.

takla recipes
Takla in Coconut Cream

The great thing about this kind of familiarization tour is that you really get to sample all the house specialties and many different things which, when I am normally dining, I wouldn’t get to do (unless I wanted to order one of everything from the menu. On this particular tasting day I got to dive into the Boholano cuisine.

Fantastic Alfresco Dining at Amorita Resort
Fantastic Alfresco Dining at Amorita Resort

A few of the other dishes which are worth mentioning were the Tortang Talong, which normally has Pork Giniling but this one was made with a special Bohol sausage called Chorizo de Bohol. Chorizo de Bohol is similar to Luzon’s sweet longanisa. The dish was more than the usual Tortang Talong… it was remarkably good.

Another was the Sinanglay – a local fish cooked and steeped in coconut milk and coated with petchay leaves. Seriously delicious, like all of Chef Paeng Ongchiong’s creations. To try real Boholano food or sample the Chef’s Giner Menu, just head to the Saffron Restaurant and Bar inside the Amorita Resort at Panglao Island. PS. Dont forget to call the resort for reservations:)

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  1. Vernadette says

    Hi I would like to ask, my family won’t be staying at Amorita because it’s too expensive. However, we would like to get a taste of their menu. Is it possible to just walk-in at their resto? Or do they accept day tour?

    1. melo says

      @Vernadette – you have to contact them by phone and make a reservation:)

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