Panasonic Lumix GF3 : A Compact Digital Camera for Travel Bloggers

If you’re a travel blogger or a photoblogger and you are looking for the perfect digital camera to showcase the places you go and the locations you travel, look no further. I’ve found the perfect compact digital camera for travel bloggers. To give you an idea how this camera performs, I have attached some of the photos I took using this Digital Camera.

bohol islands
Hambongan Island in Bohol

The Panasonic Lumix GF3 is easy to use, brings great quality to your photos and is small enough to fit in the most minimalist travellers kit and stylish enough to make the fashion conscious satisfied. One of the great things about the GF3 is that it allows a huge amount of user control and it has fantastic HD video built in which just adds to the value of the fantastic shooting features of this little camera.

inabanga bohol
Ruins in Inabanga Bohol

With a 14 mm pancake lens and a comfort in the hand that works extremely well, this little camera is going to take your travel blogging to the next level by allowing you to incorporate great HD video into your blog posts and improving the quality of your pictures. In terms of specific features, this camera is packed with a lot in a very compact chassis.

bohol activities
Island Hopping in Bohol

A super fast auto focus and a 3 inch 460 k dot touch screen that works on the dime all the time. In addition there are a whole slew of built in digital filter controls and plenty to play with if you want to get just the right shot.

sunset manila bay
Manila Bay

I should mention that this camera is the smallest interchangable lens digital camera currently on the market and so you have a huge amount of flexibility in whether you are shooting at night or day, portraits or landscape, or in any variety of light and distance.

bohol food
Bohol Food at Lawis Cafe

If you’re tired of carrying around a bulky DSLR this might be the right choice for you because with the lens attached it easily fits into a rucksack, coat pocket, or even a fanny pack if you are one of those travel bloggers that loves the fanny pack. I finally bought one after seing it in Pixel Pro Megamall branch last month.

dauis church bohol
Camwhoring in Dauis Church

One thing for sure is that the days of having to carry a separate bag just for your camera equipment are long gone. These days you can fit everything in your pocket and throw on your travel blogger Scott Vest and see if you can make it around the world without having to recharge your ultra long life lithium LiOn battery pack or if you do, to do it with your portable solar charger. You rule travel bloggers and with the Panasonic Lumix GF3 you rule even more.

Started in May 2008, Pixel Pro Inc. is one of the leading distributors of cameras and camera accessories here in the Philippines. Having four branches nationwide (SM Mega Mall, V-Mall Greenhills Shopping Center, Parkmall Cebu, Marquee Mall Angeles), Pixel Pro Inc. has been reaching out to all the photographers and photography enthusiasts, not only in Metro Manila but also in the provincial areas.

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