Five helpful tips on travelling light with your family

Lugging around big, unwieldy and bulging bags in a new destination is no fun. Travellers who can pack light get to enjoy lower fares at Jetstar with just carry-on baggage, and get more time to savour every minute of their family holiday. Here are five Jetstar tips for packing light and having fun with your family:

How to Travel Light
How to Travel Light

1. Choose the right bag
You will be carrying this around with you so it is important to start off with the right bag. It needs to be light, durable and suitable for your travel style. Consider the destination you are going to. If you’re flying to Guilin for a trekking holiday, a hard case luggage with wheels may not be the best choice. However, if you’re heading to urban Hong Kong, wheels might make it easier to navigate the city streets. Do remember that Jetstar’s carry-on baggage limit is 10kg, and your bag must not measure more than H56cm x W36cm x D23cm.

2. Make a list
Before you even start packing, draw up a list of items that you and your family need on your trip. Clothes often take up the most space. Many seasoned travellers claim you often do not need more that three changes of clothing. Try and pack some detergent with you to do some laundry. Online packing tools like are helpful in identifying what you need when you enter specifications of your upcoming trip like the weather.

3. Buy bulky items at your destination
Another space hog in your luggage is toiletries. Consider buying items like shampoo at your destination instead. Standard toiletries are easily available everywhere and travelling gives you a great chance to try out some new brands! If you are travelling with infants and toddlers, instead of lugging along a whole trip’s worth of diapers consider bringing enough to last a day or two. Then stock up at your destination.

4. Get the family involved
If you’re travelling with kids, get them involved in the packing. Have the kids lay out everything they want to bring on their trip and work out with them if each piece is necessary. This includes them in the decision making and in preparing for the trip so they will feel engaged and involved right from the start. Each child could be given a small, durable backpack to bring his selected toys and necessities and make it his job to carry his own bag. Remember to keep the backpack to just 10-15% of your child’s body weight.

5. Quantity control
Before you go, take a critical look at all that you’ve packed for your trip. If you can’t decide if an item is a need or a want, you probably won’t need it. Use your bathroom scale to check the weight of your luggage to avoid last minute repacking at the airport. While other airlines allow 7kg of carry-on baggage, Jetstar allows passengers to carry-on up to 10kg. Lastly, take your luggage on a short walk before you head off for your trip. If you find yourself struggling after 15 minutes, it’s a good sign you should probably repack!

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