Aurora Polytechnic College Hostel: Where to Stay in Baler Aurora

During my recent visit in Baler, I discovered Aurora Polytechnic College Hostel – a nice and affordable hostel located in the middle of rice fields and near Aurora Polytechnic College.

Hostel Hallway
Aurora Polytechnic College Hostel Hallway

If you’re like me, you’ll go for something mid-range, both in price and in comfort. I like a resort just as much as the next guy, but I also don’t feel the need to stay in one every place I go. Plus, the Aurora Polytechnic College Hostel is both reasonably priced and offers everything you need in a simple package.

Aurora Polytechnic College Hostel Review

When you go to Baler, you’re going to have a large range of options for accommodation. Everything from fancy hotels to very minimalist hostels are available, so whatever your budget and taste, you can find it in Baler.

Clean Bathroom
Clean Bathroom

Amenities and Rooms

Run by the students themselves, the Aurora Polytechnic College Hostel is simple, but it’s clean and well organized. It’s a small hostel with just eight rooms, so it’s not one of these big party hostels. All the rooms have air conditioning, some have double beds, some have single beds, and others have a mix of both.

Depending on your need, you can book a single or double room. To top it off, when you book at the Aurora Polytechnic College Hostel, breakfast is included. The food is freshly prepared and it’s a treat that feels like a home-cooked meal.

Spacious Room at Aurora Polytechnic College Hostel
Spacious Room at Aurora Polytechnic College Hostel


Some people don’t like the location of the hostel because it’s not within walking distance to the famous Beach in Baler or even to the town center. This hotel is located in the middle of rice fields and if you like a quite and relaxing space then this is for you. The area is near residential and the hostel is in a gated complex, so it’s a bit of a quiet step away from it all in Baler.

But there are plenty of tricycle drivers around all the time so it’s easy to get a quick ride to see the sights. Tricycle drivers are familiar with the hostel and they know that their customers are likely to want to go to Sabang Beach.

Book in advance if you’re planning to stay in Aurora Polytechnic College Hostel! Visit our Baler Travel Guide for more travel tips about Baler.

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Aurora Polytechnic College Hostel
Barangay Buhangin, Baler, 3200, Aurora
Tel: 042-122 2994
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    Hello, How much is accommodations in this hostel? thank you

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