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5 Best Looking Australian Caravans and Campervans For A Road Trip

Best Looking Caravans

Searching for Best Looking Caravans and Campervans For A Road Trip?

Simply going on an Australian road trip is an experience of a lifetime. But why travel at all if you can’t travel in style? Here are the five best-looking Australian caravans and the five most gorgeous campervans you can buy down under:

Best Looking Caravans
Best Looking Caravans

Best Looking Caravans

  1. Nova Pride Platinum: As the name suggests, this isn’t a budget caravan. But you get what you paid for. The ample space and luxurious interiors are worth every penny. The structure is a bit vulnerable to crosswinds considering the high ride, but if you don’t mind a top-heavy vehicle, this is surely a good pick.
  1. Paramount Utility: The Paramount is packed with features. The van is 7.72m long and weighs about 370 kgs, so it can feel pretty grounded while driving. That may become an issue once the van is filled up. Make sure you have adequate pulling power.
Paramount Utility
Paramount Utility – Source: Gumtree
  1. Evernew E900 Series: The company that makes these is family-owned and has been churning out some great quality vans since 1963. This ride is one of their most popular. It’s a stable and solid ride.
  1. New Age Oz Classic: It’s got a modern look with loads of useful amenities and features built-in. It has the capacity to carry over 400kgs, so you might need a medium or heavy car to tow it. The construction is solid and the interiors are classy.
  1. Regent Monarch: A really stylish exterior matches some well-thought-out interiors. The Regent Monarch is the sort of van that is a bit overpriced, but you can see yourself buying it anyway.

Honorable mention

The Airstream Basecamp is yet to hit the market, but it deserves a mention. This sleek-looking caravan is genuinely innovative.

Airstream Basecamp
Airstream Basecamp – Image Source: Flickr

Best Looking Campervans

  1. Tonke Van: Designed by Dutch interior designers, this campervan has all the innovative swivels, bells and whistles you would expect and a lot more.
Tonke Van
Tonke Van – Image Source: Tonke Van
  1. Sportsmobile Classic: A throwback to the old Ford E-Series, this campervan is sleek and minimalistic.
  2. Quantis Marq Concept: German-designed Marq is a concept car based on the Land Rover Defender. The simple design won a lot of accolades and it is considered one of the best campervans of the year.
  3. Relax Cabin: Turning a van into a campervan is an achievement. Doing so with an average car is nearly a miracle. The Relax Cabin has managed to pack everything you need on a camping trip into a regular car. That alone makes it worthy of this list.
  4. Volkswagen Transporter: The company’s sixth generation in the Transporter series is a genuinely well-made campervan. Innovative design upgrades like this are what keeps this series chugging along.

This list is not exhaustive and there are a lot of other vans that you might find more appealing. But each one of these has a unique style and design that’s simply hard to ignore.

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