Perks of Being a Full-Time Travel Blogger

Blogging is a unique thing, to say the least. It started out as a simple way for people to transfer their traditional diaries online, into a more easily editable and accessible form; that soon evolved into a platform for sharing your thoughts with the world and communicating with your readers. And now, those who have a good supply of interesting material to write about – and of course a good writing style to go with it – can easily find themselves earning a full-time income from their blogging.

Melo Villareal in Jomalig Island
Melo Villareal in Jomalig Island

Travel blogging in particular is a very attractive niche in this field, and there are several good reasons why you should consider it if you’re planning on getting into the blogging game. You don’t even have to be an experienced traveler to begin with – even if you have zero traveling experience, you can still make this work in your benefit – be creative! Let’s have a look at what exactly makes this such an attractive niche though, and why so many bloggers decide to enter it specifically.

You answer only to yourself

A great aspect of being a blogger in general is that you decide what you’re going to write about, not someone else – you’re your own boss. Sure, there are cases of people grouping up to post together on a single blog, but travel blogging in particular is a niche that’s really predisposed to working alone.

Chevrolet Roadtrip to Laoag
Chevrolet Roadtrip to Laoag

So, no matter what exactly you want to share from your adventures, you’ve got complete freedom for defining your content. Of course, this can be a double-bladed knife, as you will have to be careful to not only write your content itself in a creative way, but to also come up with interesting ideas for topics to write about.

Any day can be a holiday if you want it to be

As a travel blogger, you don’t work under any schedule other than your plane tickets, so you’re free to decide exactly when you want to sit down and write your next post. Too tired from today’s hike? No problem, relax and have a drink, then maybe when your muse comes back in the evening you’ll write a few lines. And the best part is, when Monday rolls around and your Facebook contacts start posting the inevitable barrage of “Mondays suck” posts, you can be reading those in your bed, having a coffee before you head out for a walk.

Melo in Cotabato City
Melo in Cotabato City

This is another perk that can turn into a disadvantage if you’re not careful though – you should still try to set up some schedule and stick to it as best as possible, because it’s easy to start increasing the time until your next submission more and more. If you don’t post anything for a while and don’t notify your readers of the reason, you can expect to lose them in large numbers very quickly. But then again, with all of this freedom of time on your hands, you have the power to engage your readers as much as you want.

Your office is everywhere

Why confine yourself to a tiny cubicle for half of your remaining waking life every day of the week? That sounds like the worst choice ever, and yet absurdly enough, it’s what a scary number of people strive for. Wouldn’t you much rather open your laptop on a sunny beach, and write your next post having a nice refreshing cocktail? Because this is exactly the way most travel bloggers are living.

People want you to promote their businesses

From fam-tours to the latest gadgets, travel bloggers can get a lot of things for free if they’ve managed to build a solid reputation for their names. If your blog is read by a large crowd, you’ll regularly get invited to various free trips that promote one Travel Company or another. Sometimes you’ll even get to visit exclusive luxury destinations which you couldn’t even book with your own regular credentials!

Inside SkyJet Aircraft during Baler Inaugural Flight
Inside SkyJet Aircraft during Baler Inaugural Flight

And then, tech companies absolutely love to use travel bloggers for their promotions. Don’t be surprised if you’re regularly offered new smartphones, tablets, navigation systems and all sorts of other gadgets packed full of traveler-friendly features. You’ll typically not have to pay anything for those, as long as you promote them under certain conditions, and if you’re famous enough you’ll likely be getting more devices than you can actually use.

Last but not least, many of your stays at hotels, spas and other venues will be severely discounted or even offered for free if you’re recognized, or if you get invited by the owners in exchange of a review. Of course, then you’re expected to actually look into the service in more detail and write an objective review about it, but after all, you should never forget that this is a job, even if it can sometimes feel like a perpetual holiday.

Meet people

This is perhaps the single most overlooked perk of being a travel blogger. After doing this for just a year, your social circle will practically explode. You’ll have contacts from all over the world, and you’ll make friendships that are stronger than any connection you’ve had to a person in your life before. You’ll also get to explore all the world’s unique cultures, religions and the local life of different people with their own traditions.

It may sound like it’s simply good fun, but it’s much, much more than that – it’s an enriching experience that only a tiny fraction of people ever get a chance to touch in their lives, and you should feel blessed to have this opportunity. It’s one thing to read about the wonders of the world at home on your computer, but to actually see, touch and feel those places and people with your own body and mind, this is something that can very easily make it worth being a travel blogger just on its own.

It’s a job like no other. Sometimes it can be a bit too stressful for what you’d expect from it, but at the end of the day, you’ll end each of your adventures as a better and culturally richer person.

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