Why I Love Pacsafe? Share and Win Pacsafe Wrapsafe!

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Why do you love Pacsafe? Tell your readers Why do you love Pacsafe products and get a chance to win Wrapsafe Cable Lock.

WrapSafe is light and flexible cable lock that you can use to secure your luggage while in transit.

Pacsafe Wrapsafe Adjustable Cable Lock

Admit it, you want to make sure that all your things are secured while traveling right? If you are traveling with friends, you can loop the Pacsafe WrapSafe around everyone’s luggage to prevent theft in busy airports or bus terminals.

Out of Town Blog will be hosting a series of contests and we will be giving away several useful items from Pacsafe.

Contest Mechanics :

  • Create a blog post with a topic “Why I love Pacsafe” and write about your favorite Pacsafe product.
  • Each blog entry is required to have/include at least a photo with their Pacsafe product.
  • Photo must be original and not grabbed from Pacsafe website.
  • Deadline of submission of blog entries is until May 10, 2010.
  • Winner will be announced on May 15, 2010.
  • To submit your entry, post the URL of your blog post / entry in the comment section of this post:)

Other Contest Details / Terms :

  • Validity of blog entry is only within the month it was entered to.
  • A blogger can have multiple entries per month.
  • Blogger must be located in the Philippines.
  • Blog entries will be evaluated based on content, organization and relevance to the theme.
  • Blog entry, including accompanying images, must not in any way violate any intellectual property right. By submitting a blog as a contest entry, blogger certifies that it is his or her original work and that the same does not currently exist in any other publication, blog or website.
  • Once a blogger has been awarded as winner, he or she is no longer eligible to become the winner in the other contest.
  • The winner of the blog contest would be announced within the following month after the last day of each month in the host blog site and Pacsafe Facebook Fan Page.
  • By participating in the contest, member automatically grants Pacsafe the right to use, copy, adapt, transmit, publish and display submitted entry, whether in whole or in part and this will be applicable worldwide and in perpetuity.
  • Winning blog entry will have his or her entry also posted/featured at the Pacsafe Philippines Facebook Fan Page (www.facebook.com/Pacsafe )

Entries This Month :

  1. JODYxBUFFY says

    I had the good forutne of winning a Pacsafe as a door prize at an adventure travel expo several years ago. I was a bit dubious about it at first, as it was simply a mesh net secured with a cable. Also, it weighed almost 1.5 pounds. After using it over several backpacking jaunts around the world, I am a commited user of the Pacsafe. When chained to an immobile object (such as a bunk bed or piece of plumbing), a Pacsafe-enshrouded backpack is more secure than in the typical hostel locker. The Pacsafe is perfect for overnight train journeys, allowing you to sleep a ltille more restfully knowing that your backpack may still be there when you awaken. The Pascafe can also be used when taking public buses or walking about, adding an extra measure of protection against slashers. When I do so, I don’t want to call attention to the prospect that I may be carrying something valuable (I do carry an SLR camera and fast lenses) as well as lessen the “wimp” factor, so I usually line the INSIDE of the backpack with the Pacsafe and place the contents inside of the Pacsafe, During a jaunt through Central America, someone had slashed my backpack while it was atop the roof of a chicken bus. The backpack was ruined, but the Pacsafe received only a scratch.

    I wholeheartedly recommend the Pacsafe to all travellers, especially those who like to lug their laptops with them. The thing is virtually slashproof. A thief would require a heavy-duty bolt cutter or an oxy-acetylene torch to breach the mesh. The weakpoint is the lock, so a good sturdy lock is a must (the one supplied with the Pacsafe is satisfactory).

    I did not post this reply in an attempt to win a Pacsafe (I am ineligible anyway). but rather to promote the utility of the Pacsafe. True, many travellers have never been the victim of a heft (other than pickpocketing) while traveling and so may dismiss the Pacsafe as frivolous. But there is always a first time….

  2. JODYxBUFFY says

    Ooops, I did not notice that the picture above the blog referred to the Pacsafe Cable Lock. My reply above was in reference to the Pacsafe Exomesh System. I cannot comment on the Cable Lock, as I have never used it.

  3. Ma. Blanca Dela Cruz says

    Hi here’s my blog entry for “Why I love Pacsafe” contest: http://nanblancs.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/why-i-love-pacsafe/ . Godbless and more power.=)

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