Whats your favorite Philippine Beach Destination?

What is your favorite Beach destination in the Philippines? Out of Town Blog we will be giving away a signed copy of Jessica Zafra’s newest Book titled “Twisted 8 1/2” to any Pinoy who can share his / her own photo and short desctription about their favorite destination.

Jessica Zafra's 8 1/2 book
Signed copies of Twisted 8 1/2

To grab one of 20 signed copies of Jessica Zafra’s 8 1/2 read the simple mechanics below:)

  • Tell us your favorite Beach Destination in the Philippines
  • Send us a photo of you (or with your family and friends) in the said destination
  • Send us a short photo description with minimum of 100 words
  • Sender should be located in the Philippines
  • Email us your entry -> melovillareal[@]gmail.com

Jessica Zafra's 8 1/2 book
Signed copies of Twisted 8 1/2

We still have so many things to be given away.. Just grab a copy of 8 1/2 first:)

List of Winners :

  1. Myles Delfin
  2. Jona Alforque
  3. Jen Valmonte
  4. Zherwin Perion
  5. Ria Jose
  6. Ria Tirazona
  7. Marck Ronald C. Rimorin
  8. Katrina de Dios
  9. Josephine dela Cruz

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