Antulang Beach Resort in Siaton, Negros Oriental – Marck Ronald C. Rimorin

I’m not the proverbial son of the beach, but if there’s any beach destination that gave me the best memories, it has to be Antulang Beach Resort in Siaton, Negros Oriental.

Antulang Beach Resort

A whole-day trip to Antulang was one of the treats Alfred “Krip” Yuson gave us last year at the 48th Silliman National Writers’ Workshop. We were treated to a yacht cruise along the pristine, azure waters of Negros. Bathed by the refreshing spray of the sea, we discussed everything from poetry to politics, from fiction to Fortune cigarettes. Antulang is an amazing place, untouched by nightclubs and storefronts. From Antulang beach, we saw the beauty and the bounty of the sea: sea birds, corals, schools of silvery fish reflecting Summer’s sun through the crystal-clear waves. For 15 fellows sent to Dumaguete for a creative writing workshop, it felt more of a well-deserved vacation.

The picture above was taken last year, aboard the yacht of our generous hosts, Edo and Annabelle Adriano. From left: Monique Francisco, Gabrielle Nakpil, Phillip Kimpo, Jr. (I believe that it was his girlfriend Ynna Abuan who took this picture), Keith Cortez, and myself. Another trip, at least for these fellows, is due this year. Back to Dumaguete, to the yacht named “Annabelle Lee,” and a few swigs of gin inside a water bottle.

Thanks  Marck Ronald C. Rimorin for sharing your favorite Philippine beach destination, you just won a copy of Jessica Zafra’s newest book Twisted 8 1/2 :)

  1. ron says

    Its a wonderful island…

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