Tuko Beach Resort in Abra de Ilog – Myles Delfin


I currently like Tuko Beach Resort in Abra de Ilog because its quiet, has a lot of mountain biking trails, and I don’t have to deal with the karaoke-singing, frisbee-throwing, and poi-flinging crowd. basically, there’s nothing there, just sun, sea, and sand. Well, there’s a German woman who lives there who cooks up a mean vegetable curry and a flaming hot salsa pizza!

Tuko Beach Resort in Abra de Ilog

“The door seemed stuck even as I tried to put my weight into it, trying vainly to get out into the sun drenched open deck beyond it. I had been sitting in the coldness of the boat’s cafeteria since just before daybreak, rubbing my palms together as I waited for my laptop to find a signal so I can chat with my brother back home. The chill immediately disappeared as I finally got the door open and stepped into the bright sunshine and inhaled a warm lungful of salty air.

Abra de Ilog Beach Cove

The faint outline of the mountains of Mindoro and its craggy coastline seemed within arm’s length as the boat motored into the port of Abra de Ilog. I started my trip at four in the morning and had been in transit for about four hours, including the short wait at the port of Batangas while the boat sat at port being loaded with flatbed trucks, buses, jeepneys packed with merchandise from Divisoria, and a couple of goats which the crew tied to the railings of a stairwell leading up to the passenger deck. My back felt stiff from having fallen asleep sitting in the cafeteria, dozing off in a crooked position oddly similar to a zombie in repose.

Abra de Ilog Beach rocks

It felt good finally being able to stretch a little, slowly regaining some feeling in my back as I watched the ship’s crew getting ready to bring the boat into port. Abra de Ilog is in the Occidental side of Mindoro Island facing Palawan. The capital is Mamburao, although economically I think the town of San Jose is the place to be at the moment. I was there to visit a beach resort owned by a German friend to take pictures for his website and to take a look at the mountain biking prospects in the area. I had a great time! We had home-made pizza with salsa, deep-fried Tanguige medallions with dill sauce, almond cake, and cheap red wine which tasted like a million bucks anyway! “

Myles Anthony Delfin is a Photographer, Illustrator and Copy Writer who loves to travel and discover the Philippines road less traveled destinations.

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