Atuwayan Beach : A secluded piece of Paradise in Coron Palawan – Ria Tirazona

Picking a favorite beach destination is hard to do simply because there are too many beautiful beaches to choose from here in the Philippines! However, if I had to pick just one, it would be the beach that’s closest to my heart now: Atuwayan Beach.

Ria Tirazona in Atuwayan Beach Coron, Palawan

Atuwayan Beach is a secluded little strip of beach in Coron, Palawan. The sand is soft and white, the waters crystal clear and while you swim, fishes surround you! If you swim a little further into the water, you can see corals and schools of large fish. Bring along a piece of bread and you’ll have these fishies eating from your hand!

I love how the beach is uninhabited, very serene and peaceful. There are only a few tables or huts available for island-hoppers and there are no noisy bars in the beach so it really gives you a chance to commune with nature. The noise of the outside world disappears as the sounds of the waves crashing and the breeze blowing take over. That is why Atuwayan Beach has become a new favorite to me! Oh, an added bonus, the boat ride getting there is just as pleasant as you see the awesome beauty of nature all around you.

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  1. Marie says

    I would love to visit Coron someday, thanks for posting

  2. Boracay says

    Dami talaga magaganda beaches sa Palawan lalo na sa Coron.. Ganda talaga.. Can’t wait to go back this summer! whew! 😉

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