Cheap Hotels and Resorts in El Nido Palawan

Hotels and Resorts in El Nido Palawan

Hotels and Resorts in El Nido Palawan

Depending on where you are coming from, having a vacation in El Nido is not really that costly unless you want to stay in super expensive resorts. After my recent visit, I realized that you won’t have to break the bank to stay in most of the resorts in El Nido. On my last day in the island, I visited some of the resorts that provides comfortable and cheap accommodations in El Nido.

Makulay Lodge and Villas
Makulay Lodge and Villas

The Makulay Lodge and Villas consist of two elevated cottages which overlook Bacuit Bay from its window giving you the best accommodation with a view. Not for the faint of heart though as there are over 100 steps to each cottage. Once you’re there though, the views are stunning with almost 300 degrees of panoramic views of the sea and landscapes to take your breath away.

Room with a View Makulay Lodge and Villas
Room with a View

The jungle’s are your background and be prepared for the sound of monkey’s call pretty much around the clock. The two cottages can accommodate a couple but a family of 5 could probably make it work also. They both contain a fully equipped kitchen so you can monitor your food expense even further. Beachside there is a villa that consists of 3 rooms and a common kitchen if you like to cook. I recommend this resort if you will be visiting El Nido with your friends.

Chislyk Cottages
Chislyk Cottages

The Chislyk Cottages can be found on the beach as well. They are “cozy” and comfortable. They tend to be a bit rustic with electricity which is only offered during the hours of noon till the next early morning. I think the resort is a bit pricey but you are literally about 15 steps to the water.

Rosanna's Cottages El Nido Tour - Palawan Philippines
Rossanna’s Cottages

Located a little bit away from the bustle of the main town, you will find Rosanna’s cottages. These are all detached cottages and the bedrooms have all been recently refurbished. They have both fan rooms, and air conditioned rooms for a lightly higher price. And again, you will be staying right on the beach, where the gentle waves will lull you to sleep each night and the morning brings the fishing boats getting ready to snare the local catch.

Sleep Well
Sleep Well:)

The resort owners can help you arrange your activities and they are always making sure that the place is secured. The rooms are spacious, all with a private bath and veranda and each cottage are built from native materials and wood. They only have 7 rooms and are quite popular, so make sure you book early.

El Nido Plaza Inn - Palawan Philippines
El Nido Plaza Inn

If you are really looking so stretch your budget, try the El Nido Plaza Inn. There is a sign as you check in that says “Home of the Budget Tourist.” Your money does go far here and you will find a nice native cottage with a fan. The inn is about a 2 minute walk from the beach.

Tandikan Beach Cottages El Nido Tour - Palawan Philippines
Tandikan Beach Cottages

The Tandikan Cottages are located few steps from the beach and each room has a porch in front. The views here are amazing and the rooms are spacious and clean. Mosquito nets, bedding and towels are included. The fan rooms are built with native designs and all rooms has a bathroom inside. They have an available single, twin and family room with an option of adding extra bed.

Stunning Vistas Beach Resort
Stunning Vistas Beach Resort

Located in Corong-Corong, about 3 kilometers from the town center is the Stunning Vistas Beach Resort. Stunning views from this resort are the result of dazzling, changing scenes created by altered light and weather. If you want to have a lazy afternoon in a hammock while waiting for the sunset, this is the perfect place for you. There are both fan room and air conditioned rooms here. This resort has a restaurant that I found to be quite diverse and fairly priced. They offer authentic Italian, Mexican and Asian gourmet meals. They also serve homemade refreshing dessert that includes cheese cake, mango float and more.

Hadefe Beach Cottages
Hadefe Beach Cottages

If you want a really quiet place then choose Hadefe Beach Cottages. The resort is about a 15 – 30 minute walk from the town center. They have 7 cottages and although not directly on the beach, each cottage is close enough to provide stunning ocean views with spectacular sunsets every night.

Hadefe's Beach Cottages
Hadefe’s Cottages

The cottages are built from native thatched materials and each unit contains a private bathroom and fan. The staff here were so helpful during our 4 nights stay. They are also offering Massage, Laundry and Island Hopping tour for their guests.

I have listed below the contact details of the resorts I have visited. I hope you’ll find it useful:)

Stunning Vistas Beach Resort
Lodging, Dining and Recreation
Corong-Corong, El Nido Palawan
Contact : Gary McLean (63) 908-1667405
Email :
Eden Mclean (63) 921-7515783
Email :
Web :

Makulay Lodge & Villas
Caalan El Nido Palawan
Contact : Rose, Del and Likha
Phone : (63) 906-3236470
(63) 926-6816971
(63) 918-6624864
Email :

Chislyk Cottages
Ana Bacsa
Calle Hama, Brgy. Masagana,
El Nido, Palawan
Contact No.: +63919 879 9333
No. of Room :4

Rosanna’s Cottages
Mr. Roberto Gallardo
El Nido, Palawan
Contact Info: +63920 605 4631

El Nido Plaza Inn Cottages
Mr. Antero Delos Reyes
Cale Hama, Bgy. Masagana
El Nido, Palawan

Tandikan Beach Resort
Pedro Fernandez Sr.
Mrs. Josephine Fernandez
Calle Hama, Bgy. Masagana
El Nido, Palawan
Contact Info: +63927 562 6350

Hadafe Cottages
Hanny Enor
Caalan Beach, Bgy. Masagana
El Nido, Palawan
Contact Info: +63920 952 3280
Email: :

Dara Fernandez Beach Cottages
Calle Hama, Brgy. Masagana
Beach Front Cheap Cottages
Mobile: +63 919 322 1416, +63 906 824 1299

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