Balicasag Island in Bohol : My favorite Beach Destination – Katrina de Dios

My favorite beach here in the Philippines would have to be Balicasag Island. To get there, you would have to take a 45 minute boat ride from Panglao Island.

Balicasag Island in Bohol

I think the best time to go would be early morning so that you get a chance to see dolphins 🙂 The beach front is not as pristine as the others but there is just something magical (for me) about this island. You can lay a mat under the huge tree near the shore and just relax 🙂 The water surrounding Balicasag is also a good dive spot.

I was able to try it but even though I thought it was breathtakingly beautiful I don’t think I will ever go diving again (being deep underwater freaks me out)

Thanks  Katrina de Dios for sharing your favorite Philippine beach destination, you just won a copy of Jessica Zafra’s newest book Twisted 8 1/2 :)
  1. ron says

    I’ve been to this island..its great!

  2. Boracay says

    Yeah, been here too.. island’s pricey but very great amazing beautiful wonderful good food nice view cool white sandy beaches and clear blue waters too. 🙂

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