Bulog Islands in Coron Palawan – Jenn Valmonte


The beach surrounding the Bulog Islands in Coron, Palawan is currently my favorite. It was really a blessing for me and my friends to have actually set foot and dip into its waters because the water is very clear, the tide is not that high, and if one brings an underwater camera, he/she can just snorkel not too far from the shore and take lots of pictures of marine life.


Bulog Island in Coron Palawan

The Bulog Island is actually not open yet to the public, but they can accommodate guests. Among the islands in Coron, this is the most expensive place to stay at, but it was really worth every penny because one can roam around the island and be in awe of its beauty. From this island one could see both the sunrise and the sunset, and visitors can also go the next island (Bulog Dos) using a kayak or by simply walking in the waters (water level is just chest deep).



Sunrise in Bulog Island
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It’s a perfect place for couples to do honeymoon, or for groups of people to enjoy nature in a private manner, and best of all, the island has their own generator so people can still do their works online if they needed to. The island has airconditioned rooms, but guests can also sleep by the huts near the shore – to complete the island experience.



Jenn Valmonte in Coron Palawan


Given the chance, I will definitely go back and stay here again.

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