Travel Essentials When You’re Heading to the Beach

Are you heading to the beach this weekend for some fun in the sand or to soak up the sun? Whether you’re planning a relaxing stretch on the beach or getting involved in some water activities, there are several basic essentials you should always bring with you when setting out for the Philippine seashore.

Protect yourself from the sun:)

A swimming suit
Not everyone looks like a supermodel while wearing a swimming suit, but don’t let that stop you from bringing something to relax in. A good swimming suit will be wearable and comfortable and will help keep you cool in the heat at the same time.

Sunscreen and sunglasses
Nothing ruins a fun day at the beach more than coming home with a sunburn. Shield your skin and your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays by wearing a sunblock lotion that protects against ultraviolet light, and don’t forget to keep your eyes shaded with sunglasses. An alternative to sunglasses would be to bring a good hat, which will shade your eyes while keeping your head cool and preventing possible sunburn to the scalp.

Flip-flops or beach sandals
Sometimes it’s nice to get some sand between your toes, but the heat of the sun beating down on a Philippine beach can be hard on the soles of your feet. Bring some sandals to keep your feet off the hot sand.

A beach umbrella
This is essential for when you need a break from the sun without having to leave the beach. A big beach umbrella allows you to relax in the shade and can provide a much-needed retreat from the hot sun. A good beach chair goes well with an umbrella and is a comfortable way to rest in the shade.

Beach Umbrella

A beach towel
It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many holiday goers neglect to bring a towel with them to the beach. A towel has multiple uses: you can lay it out on the sand as a place to sit on, or if you decide to try some swimming in the sea, you can use it for drying off.

A bottle of water
The sun and heat have the ability to draw moisture out of your body through sweating, which can cause dehydration. Even if you have access to other drinks or snacks, keeping a bottle of your own water with you and sipping on it throughout your time at the beach will help to keep you alert and hydrated.

Whatever you plan to bring to the beach for your fun in the sun, there are some items that you just cannot risk leaving behind. Arriving prepared with a few essential articles ensures that your trip will be safe, healthy, and allow you to return home feeling refreshed.

Melissa Marquis is a freelance writer from the UK. She has experience with writing content for car hire companies, most commonly car hire uk and car hire ireland businesses. Mellissa is a self-confessed travel-fanatic, often taking long-haul holidays with her family. She has visited the Philippines several times for vacationing, of which she has spent a lot of her time relaxing on one of its many beaches. She is planning her fourth trip to the Philippines in August.

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    I love going to beach, summertime its beach time! Thanks for your post

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