Islandia Hotel Review

Located in Alaminos City or the city of the Hundred Islands, you will find the classy Islandia Hotel (hotel info). Marketing itself as the “ONLY TRUE HOTEL” the Islandia is located at the heart of the city along Marcos Avenue, the route towards Subic and Olongapo City in Zambales.

Hotel in Alaminos Pangasinan
Hotel in Alaminos

A far cry from the shacks on the beach, The Islandia Hotel (hotel reviews) rooms are both affordable and classy. The breakfast served was amazing and the pool really hits the spot after a full day of sight-seeing.

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The hotel has 6 standard rooms, 10 superior rooms, 4 deluxe rooms, 4 family size rooms and 2 suites, so as you can see a party of virtually any size can be comfortably accommodated.

Islandia Hotel in Alaminos
Islandia Hotel in Pangasinan

On site facilities at the hotel include round the clock internet access in the restaurant, a beautifully lit swimming pool, a function hall for parties and weddings and an entertainment room where most night’s wild karaoke parties were being enjoyed by the guests.

The hotel is also a great base to enjoy trips such as the Island Hopping tour of Hundred Islands National Park, Cacupangan Caves, the amazing Cabungaoan Beach, the Bangrin Mangrove Forest, or just good old fashioned island hopping, scuba diving or snorkeling.

Hundred Islands in Pangasinan
Hundred Islands in Pangasinan

The restaurant is open 24 hours and the food is downright delectable. Its signature dishes include Pancit, Islandia’s Special Pinakbet, Grilled Sungayan and Alaminos longganisa pizza.

Islandia Hotel in Alaminos Pangasinan
Islandia Hotel in Alaminos Pangasinan

I will definitely stay in Islandia Hotel (Book Online) on my next visit in Alaminos Pangasinan.

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  1. how can i contact the hotel/ my family is going to hundred islands on may 23 and 24 and we are looking for a hotel to accommodate us — around 20 to 25 persons. kindly give me the contact numbers of the islandia hotel…appreciate it very much

  2. thanks to islandia management for ruining our weekend trip. will definitely not come back and wont ever recommend this hotel “WANNABE” to anyone. to those thinking about staying here, id suggest checking out the much cheaper but reasonable inns near lucap. we opted to stay in this resort just because it has a pool and because of the their so called “PROMO”. definitely not worth it.we didnt even get to use their pool. room has roaches, nothing special with their interior aside from the fact that they named each room from former ms earth contestants, food is blah, and the manager or whatever the person who runs this place is called is way too inconsiderate and didnt even face us(probably cause we already checked out). again, WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!

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  4. This hotel sucks. Let me tell you how they completely pissed me off with their facilities and service. First, thei airconditioning is not enough to cool the room. I had to ask for an electric fan to augment the ventilation. Next, their water pressure cjould not serve our room at the third floor ang hina. Nung ngcomplain ako ang sabi marami raw gumagamit ng tubig, eh ano nman the piping system should taken that into acct. The pool is a trash, its very obvious that they had not been running their filtration pumps that time ngtitipid ata. I never used their pool madumi kc. Marami rin ipis n ngkalat sa hallway ng third floor. Ung resto service took hours to get a decent meal. We ordered at around 7pm and seated their for more than an hour to get our dinner. Damn sinigang n baboy lang ang order namin. The worst of all when we took a tour package outside the hotel ngalit cla. We had previously arranged a tour package with celso anonuevo btw the tour was exemplary. They asked me and mygf to go to the lobby and explain to the owner why is dat so.those arrogant assholes have the guts to ask that from us. Generally this hotel sucks i suggest those who would go to alaminos check the hotels in lucap. Btw clyde the manager never showed his face again when we checked out

  5. if you have so many complaints about our hotel, you should have approached me directly and I am more than HAPPY to refund your payment , Im sure you saw us eating at the same time with you at the restaurant. everyone is entitled with their opinion but please try to be fair in your comments, regarding the package tour we dont have problem if you have taken it from a copy cat after all its your right but if you have a knowledge about business ethics , then you will understand us. you dont discuss deals with the same nature at the lobby or sala of someone house. regarding the pool HINDI KAMI NAGTITIPID it so happened that our filtration system was out of order those days that you were there, after all if we have a swimming pool then it so obvious that we can afford to maintain it.

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