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Top 10 Must Try Hole-in-the-Wall Restaurants along (and near) Maginhawa Street

Foodie or not, Filipino tummies cannot resist to indulge an excellent selections of grub especially if the chows are at a student-friendly prices.

Crazy Katsu's Katsudon photo by Crazy Katsu FB
Crazy Katsu’s Katsudon photo by Crazy Katsu FB

Maginhawa Street and its neighboring roads are nippily becoming well-liked areas for those in quest of new restaurant experiences. Magingawa for most part is known for the numerous indie restaurants, coffee bar and kiosks that are worth going to.

Having a list of these places that offer good food other than those typically found in the malls are handy for almost everybody nowadays. So for Maginhawa first-timers and regulars alike allow me to make the job simpler and share with you these brilliant discoveries:

10 – Crazy Katsu

If you are hearing praises about this place, I can guarantee you, Crazy Katsu deserves those praises.
A Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Maginhawa that earned a reputation for their excellent meals and imaginative offerings. The interiors are simple and the setting is unpretentious.

Chicken Katsu salad
Crazy Katsu – Chicken Katsu salad photo by Crazy Katsu FB

Crazy Katsu’s servings are very generous and are good for the price you pay. You can say that they adjusted the dishes to the Filipino taste that is why the whole lot have a hint of sweetness.

Heads-up: You should try their Chicken Katsu. The meat is tender and the sauce is just right, adequate to dribble in the rice but not get it downright soaked in sauce.

9 – A Taste of Heaven

This unassuming milkshake bar warrants so much more notice because it offers good milkshakes at an inexpensive fee.

Strawberry Milkshake photo by A Taste of Heaven FB
Strawberry Milkshake photo by A Taste of Heaven FB

A Taste of Heaven offers classic milkshake flavors and gives you the chance to mix different ingredients and get your perfect milkshake flavor. Moreover, other light snacks like burgers are also available to partner with your drinks.

8 – Sweet Spot

No – they don’t just serve desserts, although the name would make you think so. This contemporary bakery and café offers a wide array of flavors of entrees, pasta, sides, sandwiches, dessert and original blend teas and coffee.

Mini Cakes photo by Sweet Spot FB
 Mini Cakes photo by The Sweet Spot FB

The cozy ambience makes it great for “me time” or for catching up with a friend or two. The Sweet Spot is definitely worth a try!

7 – Tomato Kick

Perfect for casual dining, Tomato Kick doesn’t serve all tomato-laced food if that’s what you think. They have pizza, skewers, salsa pork, beef fajitas and so much more.

Fajitas photo by Tomato Kick FB
Tomato Kick Fajitas photo by Tomato Kick FB

Needless to say, it’s a whole smorgasbord of food with a price range along 200 to 300 per person.

6 – Cat Café Manila

Want to extend love for animals and advocate responsible pet ownership while savoring lip smacking food and drinks? Go to Cat Café.

Cat Cafe Manila photo by Cat Cafe FB
Cat Cafe Manila photo by Cat Cafe FB

The place is good for snacks and aims to unite cat lovers everywhere. The menu is quite limited and still on the works, but don’t fret, the eats are still notable. Obviously, there will be a few cats roaming around but don’t worry – they’re as sweet as the cakes on display.

5 – Gayuma ni Maria

The name itself is already alluring – Gayuma ni Maria is an interesting hole in the wall with tarot readings for enthusiasts.

The food is delicious with pretty interesting names so make sure to ask your waiter exactly what “Rock Me, Baby!” entails.

4 – When Uan Met Sally

Ever heard of the movie When Harry Met Sally? Well, this quaint, eclectic restaurant isn’t designed for the movie but it does carry a style uniquely its own. Basically, it’s an art café that provides customers with quite a view of the art world, plus the chance to buy stuff they want on display.

Gourmet Chicken Adobo photo by When Uan Met Sally FB
Gourmet Chicken Adobo photo by When Uan Met Sally FB

Slice of their menu offerings are artisan’s coffee, authentic Thai ice cream, tarragon tea, sticky rice and mango, wine and cheese, orange spice cookies and Panini.

3 – The Burger Project

The name says it all – the Burger Project gives you the chance to create your own super burger or pick from a list of their tried and tested combinations.

Chicken All-In BRGR by BRGR The Burger Project FB
BRGR The Burger Project Chicken All-In BRGR by BRGR The Burger Project FB

You can select the type of burger, buns, fresh toppings, cheese and sauces you’d like to consume for your burger. Be fully aware that the burgers are huge and their burgers are definitely worth the price you paid for.

Fairly, The Burger Project stands out amongst all the other rival burger joints out there.

2 – Cool Beans Library Café

For the book lovers out there, here’s the Cool Beans Library Café. The food is exquisite, but what really got it in spot 2 is the fact that it has a library, designed for the enjoyment of bookworms who want to relax while going off in their own private adventure. They have snacks, coffee, and heavier meals for lunch and dinner.

New Frost Blends photo by Cool Beans Cafe FB
 New Frost Blends photo by Cool Beans Cafe FB

Books and coffee – what’s a better combination than these two?

1 – Jeepney Restaurant

You’ve probably seen a lot of theme-style restaurants, but have you ever seen a jeepney inspired one? This is exactly what Jeepney Restaurant offers in Maginhawa.

Boodle Fight at Jeepney Bistro photo by Jeepney Bistro FB
Boodle Fight at Jeepney Bistro photo by Jeepney Bistro FB

Be amused by the décors that are usually seen in jeepneys, recollect youthful memoirs by playing Pinoy games while waiting for your order and then finally eat with your friends in Boodle Fight style.
Truly, words aren’t enough to describe this, so it’s best to just hightail it there on your own.

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Written by Melo Villareal

Melo Villareal is the Online Publisher of He is an Accountant by profession who left the corporate world at the age of 23 to explore his beautiful country and the rest of the world. Today, Melo works as a part-time Social Media Manager for local and international clients. His full-time work focuses on discovering interesting culture, explore different cuisines and take memorable photos from local and international destinations he's visiting.

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